How to Tell if Baby is Still Hungry after Breastfeeding?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to Tell if Baby is Still Hungry after Breastfeeding?

First, to give you a better understanding, I would start with some of the scientific facts about the size of the baby’s stomach.

Why do you need to understand this?

You need to understand this! Because it helps you in, how to tell if a baby is still hungry after breastfeeding? 

You won’t believe it but studies have indicated that the size of the baby’s stomach is just the size of the ping pong ball. That could include about 20 milliliters of fluid. I know, right now you are like my baby is like always latched to my breast.

However, various birth experts indicate the size of the stomach of the newborn by using the marble. It may not be true. While marble can encompass 5-7 milliliters of fluid. Yes, I know, there is contrast.

Baby-led Weaning - Helping Your Baby to Love Good Food

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So, here there is this review published in the Journal of Human Lactation. That was conducted in 2008, which gives you all your answers. Hence, it reveals that scientific study does not have any reliable studies on the basis of which we can not conclude the size of the baby’s stomach. 

Actually, the size of the baby’s stomach is not conclusive. As you can see the differences in the baby’s size, likewise it goes for the stomach. At last, there are other factors that determine the appetite of the baby. Like how much time it takes to digest food, the flexibility of the stomach, the latch of the baby, and more. Therefore, it is not just nursing and the stomach’s size. 

Hence, your baby does not need to be breastfed for like every minute. You should follow the signs instead of just assuming. I know that’s gross. But now let’s directly jump to – how to tell if a baby is still hungry after breastfeeding? 

I know after feeding your baby and sitting at a place for a long time with all the pain, you still find your baby is crying that is exhausting. New mommies do not even know what is happening, but I’m here to rescue you from this situation.

How to tell if a baby is still hungry after breastfeeding?

Simply follow these signals and you will find out, 

  • Rooting reflex, such as sucking whatever is around, opened mouth and nestle against you
  • Cry or act unpleased
  • Moving of head side to side
  • Stick their tongue out of the mouth
  • Put hand or fist in the mouth
  • Crinkle lips like the baby are sucking

Now, I guess you could say, at the end of breastfeeding that yes, I need to feed my baby more. 

So far, you have all you wanted to know, but I really want to ask one question. How to tell if the baby is hungry or tired?

Hey, moms, stop scratching your head.

I’ll help you with this when a baby cries it is difficult to tell if the baby is hungry or tired. Of course, you can not read the mind of the baby. But certainly, you can understand whether your baby is tired or hungry? 

How to tell if the baby is hungry or tired? That’s easy if you feed the baby in the previous two hours but he is still fussy then put your baby to sleep. Although, if you have any doubt, you can offer the breast to the baby, if he drinks some milk. Yet, he is fussy? He is tired and wants to sleep

To be specific, some of the other signs of tiredness of the newborns are grabbing of ears, worry look, sucking of fingers, yawning, arching backward, close fist, cross eyes, and more. Here, I’m just talking about newborn babies because it is all about breastfeeding. 

To allow you to put your baby to sleep in the night, you should check this baby sleep miracle program. 

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Signs Baby is Full From Breastfeeding

In my last topic, I have discussed the signs when the baby is full of breastfeeding, yes, the baby also gives you signs that he is filled and does not need more.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, your newborn to 6 months baby is full when,

  • Turning the head away from the breast
  • Loose hands
  • Close mouth

Consequently, you just have to follow the clues your baby is giving you. I guess, it is not tough to understand, is it? 


Further, you should continue breastfeeding the baby until he is 6 months old. By breastfeeding here I meant, you should not give any fluid and solid food to the baby. 

However, after 6 months, you can feed the baby with a combination of solid food and breast milk. For the safety of the baby, I would advise you to go for homemade food. To help yourself out, you can use the food makers for newborns and food blenders. 

Finally, I would say, understand the signals of the baby, instead of focusing on eating the full plate or drinking a whole bottle of the milk, feed the baby on the basis of the demand.

However, being a working woman is tough as sometimes you have to remain out, but that does not mean your baby can not drink breast milk. To store milk, you can use these

I hope your baby is fully satisfied instead of being overfilled or half stomach. Take care of your baby!

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