How to Unblock Baby Nose Naturally? 8 Ways!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

And just like a snap of fingers – we dived into one of the coldest months of the year. And I believe it’s time we know – how to unblock baby nose naturally, what do you think?

Of course, winter comes with so many gifts. One such gift is cold, cough, and stuffy nose, and if we elders can not protect ourselves from these, how come our cute little baby can?  

So, here I have come up with some tips and tricks to make winters a little easy on you –

What Are the Best Sleeping Positions For Babies With Stuffy Nose?

baby sleeping

Your baby must sleep on his back at least until he reaches the age of 6 months.

But from my personal experience, you may sometimes lean your baby to his side or even on his stomach after they reach 2-3 months of their age. Sometimes they even feel relaxed at this position, just like we do. My mother used to do this with my baby quite often. But never leave your baby unattended while doing so. As soon as they feel discomfort, change the position to their back.

When to Worry About Baby Congestion?

A Baby’s congested nose is a prevalent issue that could cause several environmental and genetic factors. So, there is nothing to worry about, yet, if it is good to consult the problem with the doctor. 

How to Unblock Baby Nose Naturally?

1. Run a Humidifier and Steam

Just like we adults take steam during cold to loosen the mucus – you can apply tricks to find the answer of how to unblock a baby nose naturally.

Trust me, and it could be a perfect plus natural way to relieve the blocked nose; all you need is a humidifier and steamer. But if these are not available, you can make your baby sit in the washroom comfortably and turn on the hot water tap. Just do it a couple of times a day and see the magic. 

2. Nose Massage

baby massage

Yes! Even though I learned about the so-called “nose massage,” I was surprised too, but it exists. So, when you notice the baby’s blocked nose, gently massage the nose, eyebrows, cheekbones, hairline, and bottom of the head of the baby. However, I advise you to consult the proper way to massage your baby with the doctor. 

Hope this second solution of how to unblock a baby’s nose naturally will help your baby take a sigh of relief.

3. Check Your Quality of Air

air quality

Air quality near baby must be clean, and I know you probably must be thinking – how could you control the air around your baby?

Well, I say, you can, if you want a solution to – how to unblock baby nose naturally.

All you have to do is to avoid the below-mentioned things –

  • No smoking near a baby.
  • Put a hold onto the use of scented or unscented candles.
  • No pet danger must be laid around but use the vacuum to clean it.
  • Replace home filters frequently. 
  • Do not use blower/heater in winter, as they suck the oxygen and dries our nose

4. Put Some Breastmilk in Baby’s Nose 

I’m not sure whether it is a myth, but I have heard some of my friends saying that putting a few drops of breastmilk in a baby’s nose could help unblock a baby’s nose.

However, I would advise you to consult the same with a doctor rather than conduct an experiment.

5. A Warm Bath

baby bathing

A warm bath could help your baby loosen mucus in the nose. Moreover, to distract your baby from discomfort, you can try letting your baby enjoy bathe time.

Don’t bathe your baby for a long time, as this could increase the cold or cough.

6. Try Using Nasal Saline Drops

Nasal saline drops could be a perfect answer to unblock the baby’s blocked nose. Although, I would suggest you consult the same doctor before using any nasal saline drops. 

Also, it is not a natural way to unblock a baby’s nose. However, it is mentioned in this list of tricks – how to unblock a baby’s nose naturally because it could provide relief to your baby.

7. A Wet Swab of Cotton to Clean Hardened Mucus

Sometimes, the hardened crust mucus sticks around the baby’s nose, making it difficult to breathe. But you can provide relief to your baby by simply using a wet swab of cotton and gently wiping the area around the baby’s nose.

Also, my mother used to clean my baby’s mucus with antaa ki loi (आटे की लोई). Safest and natural way to pull mucus!

8. Gentle Pats Baby’s Back

patting the baby

Gentle pats on your baby’s back could make things easy for your baby, and all you need to do is – lay the baby down across your knees and, with your cupped hands, gently pat your baby’s back. 

If this position is not working for you, you can also try letting your baby sit on your lap with their body leaning forward at about 30-degree. Once the position is achieved, pat your baby’s back gently.

Why Baby Sounds Congested But No Mucus in Nose?

It is usual for a healthy baby to sound congested due to dryness or a bit of mucus – there is nothing to worry about. They are itty-bitty human beings with mini nasal passages. Though, to be on the safer side, I would advise you to consider the same on the doctor.


Hope you have got all the answers to – How to unblock a baby’s nose naturally or the best sleeping position for a baby with a stuffy nose. However, if you have any doubt, just let me know, and I will try to provide you with a response to the best of my knowledge.

Moreover, I would advise you to consult everything with a doctor before becoming one because it could hurt your baby. Above all, precaution is better than cure.

You can also join our forum to post your doubts or query. We have a parenting community to solve all of your questions.

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