10+ Baby Wipes Uses: How to Use Baby Wipes in Daily Life?

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Did you know that you can use baby wet wipes for other things rather than wiping baby bumps? Well you know that is why you are reading this article. You can also jump to the best baby wipes in India 2021.

In this article, I’ll tell you 12 effective ways of using wipes in your lifestyle, home, or more. In the end, I have also shared the best baby wipes in India in 2021. So have a cup of tea, sit and read the complete article.

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How to Use Baby Wipes? 12 Ways

Baby Wipes

1. How to be healthy on a plane?

Did you know airplane seatback trays are the dirtiest place on the plane? A study said the trays have 2,155 CFU per square inch of bacteria that is 8x higher than the toilet flush button. Are you worried now?

Well, you should be worried. Because protection is in our hands and here I mean, you can use baby wet wipes to clean the tray before eating anything on the table. It will help you to remove some of the germs.

2. Too sweaty! What to do?

Use baby wipes in sweating

I have a solution for you. This is a great life hack. Just put some baby wet wipe in the fridge for some time and wow! it’s ready to use.

Now you can apply them to your skin. It will give you soothing and relaxation in a tough hot season. Now enjoy the beach party with your family. Great, right?

3. How to clean your car windows?

Are you ready to go to your office? But no, windshields are not clear. OMG! Bird poop and dirt everywhere. Huh!

Don’t worry, use baby wet wipes to clean the windshield. Moreover, you can keep them in the car for handy cleaning also.

4. Can you use baby wipes to remove makeup?

Need of Baby Wipes

Remove the eye makeup very easily with wipes. But wait! This you should have to check with the brands and quality. It is always advisable to add a drop or a few drops of coconut oil before using wipes.

People who are asking – Can baby wipes be used on the face? Or can you use baby wipes to remove makeup?

The answer is YES! You can use the wipes for soothing, removing dirt, or for a fresh look.

5. Quick stain remover

Going to the party but shit! Got the stain on your clothes.

Don’t worry. Use wipes, certainly it will help you in cleaning the stains. You can also get rid of the deodorant marks, sweat marks on your shirt/T-shirt. Life savior hack.

6. Clean your utensils/frying pan

Burnt food on a frying pan is really a headache to remove. Cleaning it with normal soap will not absorb the grease from it.

However, if you clean with baby wet wipes, it absorbs the grease or oil from the burnt food. Therefore, easier for you to clean. A great kitchen hack!

7. Give shine to your leather

Use baby wipes to shine your leather

Shine your leather belts, shoes, bags, and jackets with wipes.

How it will help in cleaning leather accessories? Baby wet wipes have moisturizing ingredients in them. Thus, makes the shoe shiner. You can try this on other shoes also.

8. Clean dust on mobile, remote and keyboard

As keyboards have a lot of dust in them, you can it here because of the absorbing property in wipes. So it easily picks the dirt from the keyboard and mobiles.

9. Clean your pet paws

After a good safari/trip to the park, with your dog. Clean the paws with baby wipes, and also, you can clean the mouth. It is also a great way to clean the bacteria in your hand.

Moreover, you can use this for your hands to get rid of the dust and bacteria. Yes, this is very effective.

10. Wipe your kid’s toys

Wipe your kid's toys

Kids play with toys by throwing everywhere and then keep in mouth, which is really bad. We should clean the toys regularly to avoid any infection or disease.

11. Use baby wipes for yoga mats and gym

baby wipes for yoga mats

Clean your mat and gym equipment with wet wipes. A Lot of people uses gym equipment, all the sweat, dirt is on it. It is better to get rid of the bacterias.

12. Clean the wheels of trolley bag, strollers and bike

Wheels are dirty and walking with bags on your floor is not a good practice. Give it a wipe to keep your floor clean and shine.

Most importantly, you must use baby wipes for your baby especially during COVID-19 scene. Focus more on the hygiene part. Clean the baby’s butt with wipes and keep a proper hygiene always.

FAQs On Baby Wipes Uses

  1. What are the uses of baby wipes?

    There are various uses of baby wipes like you can be healthy on aeroplanes to clean tables, useful in the summer season, clean your car windows, remove eye makeup, quick stain remover, clean your utensils, give shine to your leather and a lot more.

  2. Can you use baby wipes to clean yourself?

    Yes, you can use to clean yourself. However, we would say that this would be not that much effective as baby wipes are basically made for delicate skin. You might need some other solution to kill major bacteria.

  3. Do baby wipes kill germs?

    Yes. Baby wipes contain antibacterial compounds made specifically for baby's delicate skin that kill bacteria. That makes your baby free of germs. It has substitute compounds that can kill bacteria. Don't just depend only on baby wipes for killing hard core bacteria and using it all around in your home.


To sum up, above are the wet wipes uses. Among them, I have also listed the best baby wipes in India. What do you think about the baby wet wipes, is this a good save money option or not?

Lastly, you should also check these amazing cloth diapers which are reusable.

Let me know if you know of any other uses of baby wet wipes. Or you know other life-saving hacks from wipes. Share in the comments below as it will help a lot to everyone.

Are you going to use the above baby wipes uses hack? Which one do you like the most? Do let us know in the comments below.

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