How to Welcome a Newborn Baby at Home in India? (13 Amazing Ideas!)

Kiran Verma

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Are you planning to welcome your newborn baby

But confused, what to do? 

Well, thinking about “welcome decoration ideas for a newborn baby” is HECTIC, because it is just daddy who’s deciding everything.

Hey! Hold on, I have come up with some brilliant ideas that will make your newborn baby’s welcome more warm and exciting as no one is going to forget it. 

Wanna check out some ideas to welcome the newborn baby home?

You are at the right place, because along with mentioning “how to welcome a newborn baby at home in India” I will also give some safety tips or notes to make an arrangement safe and appropriate.

So, let’s check out, some baby welcome ideas in India.

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Baby Welcome Home Decoration in India

As your baby is coming into the home for the first time, and you certainly want to make it worth remembering, right?

Um…so, what’s that something which can make the baby welcome home decoration India super duper HIT?

So, you can use balloons, flowers, banners, welcome posters, silver foil curtains, display cards (contains your pictures of pregnancy), and more.

Apart from this, you can also use some lights, cute props of animals and cartoons, paper fans, and then come to some light music. 


Don’t worry, you can use some cute poster saying, “welcome home baby” then add balloons and some ribbons on your front door. This is the perfect welcome decoration on the door.

Further, for your home, simply get some balloons, cute props, hanging toys, and use some creativity and hey, you are completely ready to welcome your baby. 

Alright, let me be a little specific, so if you are looking for baby girl welcome decoration ideas, then you can use light colors like pink, peach, etc. Get props of princesses, barbie, and more.

Baby Welcome Home Decoration in India

At last, capture every movement as you do in the baby shower party.

13 Unique Ideas to Welcome Newborn Baby Home

Now, apart from baby welcome home decoration in India. You can do various other things and I have come up with some amazing ideas. 

So, here are some things you can do!

1. Puja or Homecoming Party

In India whenever something good happens, whether it is birth, starting a business, puja is the foremost thing that takes place. So, the same concept applies here.

Simply, you can organize a small puja consisting of some people. However, make sure that smoke does not choke the baby so, as soon as your baby’s part of puja is over, take him to another room.

Further, after the puja, there could be a homecoming party. For the homecoming party, either you can decide on a theme for the party or it could be a simple party.

For newborn baby girl welcome home decoration, your theme could be barbie or princesses.

Also invite important people following COVID-19 guidelines, some light drinks, and with all of these a cute cake. Also, some games of other kids to keep them occupied.

Either for a party or puja, don’t forget to wear a mask.

Safety tip: In case you are having a Puja, keep your baby away from the smoke because it could be the reason for choking, breathlessness, etc that is certainly not good for the newborn.

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2. Donation 

The concept of donation is very famous in India as it is considered a good deed. So, the happy movement like the welcome party of your baby, some donation won’t hurt you.

As you don’t really have to buy new things to donate, old things would work too. Moreover, you can also feed the poor and needy people.

Note – While donating things, money, anything, keep the Covid-19 safety precautions insight and obey the same.

3. Prepare the Breastfeeding Basket

A breastfeeding basket, as the name, suggest containing all the things that your wife/pregnant woman would need to feed the baby. It could contain a baby feeding bottle, baby formula milk, and more. 

Hence, you or your wife don’t have to run here and there to get things done when needed.

So, there you go with one more welcome decoration idea for a newborn baby. 

4. Make a Baby Care Basket

Make a Baby Care Basket

As the name implies, like a breastfeeding basket this basket contains all the baby care products like baby lotion, safe diapers, etc.

All these keep your baby’s skin soft and prevent dryness.

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5. Gather all Food Items or Groceries

Why it is essential?

It is essential because, after labor, your wife/pregnant woman would be hell exhausted. Hence, to prevent them from running errands after a long labor, you should keep the necessary food items or groceries ready to use.

Safety tip- After shopping, make sure to sanitize every food item appropriately.

6. Prepare Delicious Home Cooked Food

As of now, everything your wife/pregnant lady will eat is going to affect the baby. Hence, healthy home-cooked food is essential to regain lost energy. 

Though it might be possible that you live alone and your family couldn’t make it to your home so far, then you can order food. Though, keep an eye on diet and follow the doctor’s instructions.

7. Design your Newborn Baby Crib

Ideas to Welcome Newborn Baby Home

Decorating a crib for your newborn is also part of baby welcome ideas in India. And to do this, you can use some flowers, ribbons, hanging toys, etc. 

Note– The hanging toys should be appropriately tied or attached to prevent the falling of toys on the baby. Moreover, these should not be in the baby’s reach.

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8. Babyproofing the Home

Babyproofing the home is also essential to keep your baby safe while walking, crawling, etc. So, your baby is safe while going through his development milestone.

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9. Document the Moments

Here, I’m not asking you to make some documents.

It simply means capturing every moment of your baby like sleeping, smiling, walking, and more. It is more like a journal. This will allow your baby to see his childhood when he will be all grown up.

Focus- Don’t focus light or any flash directly on the baby’s eye, it could be the reason for damage.

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10. Plant Tree/Sapling

Like a village in Rajasthan, you can also perform a good deed by planting at least one tree or sapling. This would be good for the environment too. Plus this will be an inspiration for others.

11. Get your Pet Ready

Get your Pet Ready to take care of baby

After having your newborn, you are going to forget your lovely pet who was a part of everything in your home. However, now your pet will be abandoned.

That could make your pet sad or frustrated. Hence, to avoid any harm to the guest and baby. Teach them to remain away from things before the baby’s birth. So that the pet won’t feel abandon all of sudden.

12. Get a Tattoo

It is being said that every tattoo has a story. Either you and your wife can get a tattoo to tell your story to your baby and others. It could be a tattoo reflecting your love for your baby saying mom or dad or baby’s name in the waveform.

For instance, my friend’s elder brother got a tattoo on his neck in the waveform of his baby’s voice saying ‘papa’ first time.

13. Handmade Welcome Home Card

Trust me, it could be one of the finest baby welcome home decorations in India because it would reflect your hard work and love for your baby. Just use some artificial flowers, cute animal stickers, sketches, and ta-da, it’s done.

And I can bet, once your baby will read what you would write on the card you are going to get a tight hug.


First things hold importance, whether it’s your first job, first home, and especially your first baby. And a welcome party could allow you to express your happiness with your whole family.

Keeping COVID-19 in mind, I would advise you to follow the instructions as well as don’t let anyone touch your baby or at least ask them to clean their hands. Because it could be harmful to the baby.

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Happy Parenthood!

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