Is Johnson Baby Shampoo Good for Adults?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Is Johnson Baby Shampoo Good for Adults?

Using baby products for adults can be a smart choice in most of the cases. Baby products are gentle, soft, chemical-free (not 100%).

But there are products that you can give a try like baby lotion, baby powder, and more. But hey! wait. You should know that how much effective these products can be for the adult?

So, lets jump directly to the question:

  1. Is Johnson Baby Shampoo Good for Adults?

    Yes, Johnson baby shampoo is good for adults. But remember baby shampoo is for gentle hair which contains amphoteric surfactants which might not give a clean wash to adult hair and are also less harmful than traditional sulfates.

Then how to use Johnson’s baby shampoo as an adult?

Johnson baby shampoo for adult is good or bad

There are chances that you will not get a good wash because of the less effective chemical agents present in baby shampoo. Try to use it multiple times to get it to ideal :p

Note: If any problem/side effect occurs or in any condition before using, consult with the doctor first.

So, next time when you try Johnson baby shampoo or any, don’t waste it just for the cause of clean hair wash.

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