Is Stroller Allowed in Domestic Flights in India?

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Most of the adult travellers have a question – is stroller allowed in domestic flights in India?

Before giving the answer to this question. I want you to read the policy of the Airlines that you are planning the vacation with. Similarly, ask them if they allow carrying strollers/prams on the flight.

Further, links of all the stroller’s policy of each domestic airline are given below.

So, starting with the question:

Is Stroller Allowed in Domestic Flights in India?

Yes, strollers are allowed on domestic flights in India. However, you have to check with the flight whether you can carry it or not. Each airline has its own baggage policy & you should check thoroughly before carrying strollers/prams. Read this blog to know all the stroller policy of airlines.

Here is the list of all the domestic airlines of India that have baggage policy which involves strollers and prams also:

Air India:

air india

Can we take stroller in Air India flight?

Yes, they said a carrycot or a fully collapsible push-chair/stroller/pram is allowed when an infant accompanies an adult or parents. You can carry this in cabin space or else in the checked baggage.

You should specifically ask or check for the Air India stroller policy.



Can we carry baby stroller in IndiGo flight?

This airline lets you carry up to one stroller/pram per infant without any charge. However, check the baggage policy and don’t wait for the last-minute moment.


Can we carry baby stroller in GoAir flight?

GoAir allows the stroller for babies with the dimensions specified on their website. However, confirm with their support team before carrying the prams or strollers. Although my experience with GoAir was good when I carried a stroller. But you should check once with their policy.


Can we carry baby stroller in SpiceJet flight?

You can carry one stroller and/or one baby pram free of cost on carry-on baggage. Further, you can check their official website for more information. Because policy can change anytime. As previously we said, always confirm with the airline before traveling with any kind of pram/stroller.


To sum up, I would definitely recommend you to read the baggage policy carefully and confirm the same before traveling with prams/strollers.

And if someone is looking for – is stroller allowed in international flight? Then my advice would be to contact the airline directly or check their own website for the confirmation.

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So now you got the answer of Is Stroller Allowed in Domestic Flights in India? If you still have some query or doubts, let us know in the comments below. I’ll answer your doubts for sure! 🙂

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