Is Vaginal Pain and Back Pain one of the Symptoms of Having a Baby Boy in the Womb?

Deepika Kaushik

Written by Deepika Kaushik

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

Is Vaginal Pain and Back Pain one of the Symptoms of Having a Baby Boy in the Womb?

Vaginal (not high pain) and back pain is very common during pregnancy and does not reflect the sex of the baby. So, it is just a myth just like 47 Myths About Pregnancy & Facts in India.

Aches, lower back pain, things pain, groin pain, and more are very common during pregnancy. For some comfort, you can use the pregnancy pillows.

Still, I would advise you to consult the same with your doctor if you experience, just for assurance that everything is fine.

Moreover, you would also experience sciatica pain from your lower back to your legs because of enhancing pressure on the sciatica nerve.

Some reasons of these pain are, 

  • Expanding the size of the uterus
  • Heavy abdomen
  • Loosen joints
  • Tighten of the right state of the thighs

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Deepika Kaushik
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