Cancer Cause Agent in Talc Powder make Johnson & Johnson to Pay Rs 890 Crore

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Johnson & Johnson introduce baby powder in 1894 which is made of crushed talc. This is a mineral that is present with asbestos on the earth.

That hoist the concern regarding that the talc products are defile with toxic asbestos.

Due to concern regarding the baby’s safety, Johnson & Johnson has lost multimillion dollars of lawsuits. As the baby powder of Johnson & Johnson might cause ovarian cancer.  

According to the latest report, a New York state judge ordered Johnson & Johnson, the global corporation to pay Rs. 890 Crore as the damage to the couples who belong to New York. As they have claimed that the lady develops cancer after using the toxic asbestos. That is present in Johnson & Johnson baby powder.  

Well, Robert Olson and Donna Olson are not the only ones to file the case. But along with them, 67 others filled the case. As they also were using the Johnson & Johnson baby powder for more than 50 years. 

Justice Gerald Lebovits of the state supreme court in Manhattan approved the payout. However, in May 2019, an earlier payout was $325 million to Olson following a 14-week trial. 

In response to this amount on November 11, Justice Lebovits said that the claim is too high. And it is also mentioned that Olson accepts the decided amount. If not then, a new trial for the issue will take place. 

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Total Payout Johnson & Johnson has to Pay

According to the court’s record, on Wednesday, the court agreed on the low payout. To be precise, compensatory damages are $15 million, the amount of the punitive damage $105 million, down from an original worth $25 million and $300 million, respectively. 

Apart from this, New Brunswick, which is a New Jersey-based company, is appealing to the Supreme Court of the US to pay $2.12 billion damages, to the woman from Missouri.

As she also condemns that she has been suffering from ovarian cancer, by the use of baby powder that contains asbestos and other talc products. 

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Side Effects of Asbestos

Here, I’m mentioning some of the side effects of asbestos, 

  • Can cause fibrotic lung diseases, which is also termed as asbestosis
  • Result in changes in the lining of the chest cavity
  • Long term exposure to the same can cause a risk of lung cancer and mesothelioma 
  • Can also result in issues like pleural effusion, pleural plaques, etc
  • Effects immune system

Proves Against Johnson & Johnson 

  • Donna Olson testified that she has been using Johnson & Johnson powder or wash for the last 50 years
  • Justice Lebovits also wrote that Johnson & Johnson even after being aware of the potential risk for many years. Yet, the company “knowingly deceitful about” or “ willfully blind to” using the talc products. That is to maintain the company’s share and profit

Due to the same reason, in 2018 Johnson & Johnson had to face an enormous careful examination of the baby’s powder safety. According to the investigation by Reuters, they found that the company was aware of the use of asbestos in the talc.

Not only this, but the internal company records trial testimony and other evidence also reflect that at least from 1971-2000. Some of the baby products including finished powders show that these contain a small quantity of asbestos. 

Thus, yes! Johnson & Johnson baby powder contains an asbestos chemical, that is harmful to the baby.

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At last, the lawyer of Olson, Jerome Block said that they are satisfied with the outcome. And are confident that it will upheld if appealed. 

To conclude, I would advise you to be attentive while buying baby care or any product as its result could be drastic. Hence, you need to be careful.

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Happy Parenthood!

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