Jungle Book Baby Blanket Honest Review!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Baby safety is our priority, right?   

Of course! 

Well, that’s why after so much research on Amazon, Google, or even asking my friends and family just to find this masterpiece. And trust me, it is one of the finest baby blankets for your baby.

Am I exaggerating? 

Maybe, I’m but it is worth it because an organic blanket for your baby – what could be safer than this? 

Vkaire, a company with an effort to redefine baby care, has introduced Jungle Book Baby Blanket by providing certified, organic, high-quality, and super soft blankets

Before moving forward, I would like to mention why Vkaire is one of the finest brands –

  • Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified products which ensures that a product is made of organic natural fibers. 
  • Follows the sustainable manufacturing process to make the product which is reflected by the OEKO-TEX certification. 
  • Provides soft and high quality products. 

If you are wondering it is another article written to make the sale, well it is not, my only purpose to write this blog is to introduce you to something you won’t regret buying because my baby is right now sleeping beside me wrapped up in this blanket. 

And to be honest, I can see how calm my baby looks.

What I Like About Jungle Book Baby Blanket?

Jungle Book Baby Blanket color

For me, my baby’s comfort is important, but I know one thing, I would not compromise is my baby’s safety. That’s why I started a blanket hunt to find a blanket that is not only cozy but which will keep my baby safe from any possible harm. 

Well, I stopped when I held Jungle Book Baby Blanket in my hands because as soon as I opened the package, I realized that it is one of the best things I have ever bought for my baby. 

Moreover, as we all know, winter seems to be far far away, so wrapping a baby in a thick blanket does not make any sense. Also, it can probably increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), yet, not using the perfect blanket can not be underestimated. 

That’s why, Vkaire’s jungle blanket fits perfectly because it is perfect for this ongoing weather, especially when the use of AC (temperature as low as 22-degree) is necessary for parents and could even be used as an extra layer in winter, without worrying about the breathability.

And if I have to tell you a secret, I would love to sleep in such a comfortable and soft blanket that literally feels like pure cotton, but its size is only perfect for babies upto 1.5 years. 

That begs a question, a blanket with such an exemplary feature probably need to be taken care of? 

Surprisingly, no! 

Yes, I know, it is hard to believe but it does not need dry-cleaning or any special wash cycle, but water (recommended temperature: 30-degree) is required. 

I know, right! 

Who would have thought a blanket that seems perfect or according to me, is actually perfect does not need any care. 

So, let your little one sleep in a knitted pattern and lightweight blanket.

Cuddle, snuggle, and sleep with this cute buddy.

However, one thing which probably needs improvement according to me is its color. Yes, as much as I like this soft and warm blanket, its color is a little pale, which gives it an old look.

Apart from this con, I absolutely love it. 

Is it Worth the Money?

Is it Worth the Money?

Being a user of the Jungle book baby blanket, I could say that it is certainly worth each penny I spent on it.

Because I didn’t just use this as an ordinary blanket but I have come across its various uses. For your reference, I’m mentioning some of its uses below,

1. Stroller Cover

Well, it happened when I had to meet my husband at the market and I was running late, however, in a hurry I packed this blanket, instead of another one. Well, I definitely wanted to protect my baby from the sunlight and hot whooshy winds. 

So, I used this blanket to cover my baby stroller

P.S – I was so scared that my baby would feel hot, but as breathability is one of its factors, I must say, my baby’s temperature was just fine, including the fact that my baby was breathing perfectly. 

Note – Don’t cover the stroller’s face completely, it could be dangerous for the baby. Also, keep a watch on the baby timely. 

2. Nursing Cover

We Indian moms can never be alone, I know it sucks, especially when you have to feed a baby. 

So, taking its breathability into consideration, I use this blanket as a nursing blanket too. In short, my baby would remain warm and cozy while breastfeeding.

3. Play Mat

Keeping the baby safe, especially when they start to crawl – trust me it is like you have entered into a new territory where you have to be attentive all the time. 

So, if you think this blanket is expensive, I would say, this blanket can save you the cost of buying a play mat because it is soft, so won’t hurt the soft muscles of the baby while crawling. 

However, to be on the safer side, I would advise you to place a soft quilt under the blanket. This will keep your baby safe if he falls. 

4. Drape Over Your Baby’s Crib

We all want to surround our baby with attractive things, right? 

Of course, someone places the blanket on the foot side of the crib, to give it a bed-like feel. However, what I do is drape the blanket over the crib.

And trust me, it’s pale, yet, the aesthetic look gives it an attractive touch to your baby room. 

5. BIBS – Say No to Spit-ups and Food Mess

Spitting and food mess is part of our life now, just like breathing. 

And I would give you one of the finest tips, that is using a blanket as a bib. 

Of course, not the new one, but once it gets older. 

You can also visit their website at vkaire.com

Some Common FAQs

Is There Any Better Alternative?

Well, of course, the Mee Mee Soft Double Layer Blanket is one of the trendy, soft, and cozy blankets one could ever buy for their baby. This is one of the blankets that I have in my baby blanket collection.  

What is the Recommended Age to Use This Blanket?

You can use the Jungle Book Baby Blanket for a newborn to a baby of 1.5 years

Can I Use This in a Stroller, Swing, Bouncer, or Car Seat?

Yes, you can use this baby blanket to cover a stroller, swing, bouncer, or car seat
However, I would advise you to not use this on a swing or bouncer because it could fall onto the baby’s face which could suffocate the baby. Moreover, you need to be careful while using the blanket on a stroller and a car seat too. 

How Many Blankets Should a Baby Have at Night?

You should at least have two blankets, in case your baby wets one. 

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