7 Best Mask for Kids & Buying Guide in COVID-19

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

7 Best Mask For Kids & Buying Guide in COVID-19:

We all are aware of the current scenario, isn’t it?

Hence, taking precautions are the best options we have, and to protect your kid from the COVID-19, I have come up with the best mask for kids. And if I have to talk specifically, then according to the Hindustan Times, children, that also includes younger kids are being affected by the same.

But the good news is that, right now, this virus is showing a little mercy to young kids.

Yet, nothing is wrong in taking the precaution and being ready to face things. Usually, symptoms of the COVID-19 in kids are a mild illness, but yes, some kids even encounter severe illness.

Hence, all you need is to be careful. While some other symptoms are,

  • Cold and sore throat
  • Pain in muscles
  • Chills
  • Nausea
  • Tiredness

Well, here, I’m not only covering the best mask for COVID-19, but there are other needs of the mask, these are:

Need for Mask

kids mask

The need for the mask is not restricted to the COVID-19, but it has many other uses too. And I would like to enlighten you with those.

  • Protect kids from the pollution which can cause respiratory diseases
  • Prevent the spreading of the virus
  • Preserve your kid from dust and ash
  • Filters bacteria

You might find your kid to refuse to wear the mask, but hey, you have to make him understand why it is essential?

If you are wondering, whether your kid can wear a mask or not, then it is a big, YES! According to the Healthy Children Organisation, a kid of 2 years and above can wear a cloth mask.

Moreover, it includes kids with particular health conditions, though it consists of some exceptions.

To add, a kid below two years should not wear masks because there is a risk of suffocation.

Also, if your kid is not readily able to remove the cover himself or is unconscious, do not enable him/her to wear the mask. 

Now, let’s move to the best mask for kids in India:

7 Best Mask For Kids in India During Covid-19

1. Bon Organik Mickey & Friends

Bon Organik Mickey & Friends Printed Cotton Cloth Face Mask Bundle For Kids

Hey, is your kid a fan of Mickey mouse?

If yes, then I have come up with a cute Micky mouse and friend mask which is made of 100% cotton as well as anti-microbial. Not only this, it is made by keeping WHO guidelines in mind. 

But what I love about the product is that the packets of the kids mask is sanitized. Hence, no need to think thousands of times before touching the packet.

Let’s have a look at its pros,


  • Made of cotton, hence, washable in a washing machine
  • Made by keeping guides of WHO in mind, hence, ensure safety
  • Ideal for the kid of 4-8 years which reflects that it has a good long life
  • Comes in the sanitized packets, thus, keeping safety in mind
  • Attractive, which allow your kid to use these instantly 


  • Size is not ideal for the mentioned age, commented by customers
  • Could have a nose clip

2. Hyjiva Disposable Face Mask for Kids & Children

Hyjiva Disposable Face Mask for Kids & Children

Now, here comes disposable marks for kids, which will allow your kid to go anywhere, as it has a 3 layer which is ultra-soft and odorless which prevent your kid from inhaling and exhaling the droplets. 

Moreover, Hyjiva has the finest filtration and is ideally compliant with ASTM mask protection standards.

Hence, it is ideal for kids.


  • Has 3 protective layers, which will protect your kid from respiratory droplets
  • These are hypoallergenic as well as gentle on the skin, hence, prevent allergies
  • ASTM certified, thus, ensure that it has followed the standards of safety
  • No pressure on the face, as it is light as a feather 
  • Includes an adjustable nose strip that allows the mask to follow the face contours 
  • It is breathable, thus allow your kid to breathe easily


  • The quality of the mask could be improved
  • The size of the mask could be big
  • Need to spend money as it is a disposable mask

3. Milano Home 3-Pack Kids Face Mask

Milano Home 3-Pack Kids Face Mask

Like the Hyjiva mask, the Milano mask is 3 layer mask that allows the kid to breathe ideally.

Along with that, this kid’s mask includes a filter like the medical mask which makes sure that it is suitable for the kid.

It seems perfect, isn’t it?

Well, its perfection does not stop here, but it allows you to adjust the mask accordingly, hence, it does not only ensure safety but comfort too. So, your kid can wear it for a long time.

What makes these masks more perfect?

Is it its attractive looks? 


Well, for me, it is not just the cute looks of the mask, but it is that this mask is tested by the SITRA, which is not just a laboratory but is a government authorized laboratory. 

So, yes, this mask ensures safety, comfort, and quality.


  • Test by government authorized laboratory SITRA, which ensure it has cleared safety standards
  • Unchallenging to adjust the ear strap to ensure proper fit and comfort
  • The filtration of the mask is the same as a medical mask, again, ensure the safety of the kid
  • Soft and comfortable, thus, make sure your kid can wear it for a long time
  • Made of cotton, that ensures breathability 
  • Has 3 layers, which prevent inhaling and exhaling droplets 
  • Effortless to wash and is reusable 
  • Comes in green packaging, hence, bio-degradable, this is safe for the environment 


  • Size could be big even after claiming it has adjustable straps
  • The quality of fabric could be improved 

4. CENWELL 5 Pcs Kids Mask Reusable Washable Breathable Face Mask

CENWELL 5 Pcs Kids Mask Reusable Washable Breathable Face Mask

Some kids are more fashionable than their parents, trust me, I know this because I was that kid in my home (I still am).

So, here for the kids like me, I have a super stylish mask which you will love for sure because I don’t know about you but I’m definitely going to buy these for me (if these fit me).

So, does it have any features besides being stylish?


It has a modifiable design, so, now your kid can customize it and wear it with all the comfort.

Wait, I have more for you, CENWELL kids mask is breathable, washable as well as is reusable. So, wash it, and use it.

Above all, I like this mask the most because it has 6 layers, when I read it for the first time, I had the same reaction, like what really? You are not kidding, right?

Well, parents, I’m not kidding, it is real.


  • Stylish mask, hence, kids would love to wear it
  • Easy to customize with its adjustable straps
  • Soft and breathable, to allow your kid to breathe easily as well as comfortable 
  • Safe for the environment too
  • Reusable, just wash it and wear it
  • Includes an SMMS 4 fabric filter and 6 layers to ensure proper safety of the kid
  • Made of cotton which ensures it is safe for kid’s skin
  • It is an anti-pollution and anti-bacterial mask, that again ensure kids safety


  • After proper research, we haven’t find the downside of this mask yet, we will inform you as soon as we find any

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5. Filtra 3-ply Ear Loop Mask Kids Cartoon BFE > 99%

Filtra 3-ply Ear Loop Mask Kids Cartoon

You might find it a bit expensive, but this mask has bacterial filtration efficiency, unlike Ariana, with ASTM F2101 of less than 99%.

The next best feature is that it has Splash or Fluid Resistance with ASTM F1862 of 160mmHg. I would certainly call it the best mask for kids for your kid that you can buy. 

Hey! The list is not over yet, it also has Low Breathing Resistance with Delt P and has Class 1 Flammability, which has MIL-M-36954C and 16 CFR Part-1610.

Yes, it includes so many excellent features, but you can not use it for more than 8 hours. Additionally, it is not reusable like Ariana.

If your kid is above 6, he is ready to wear this one.

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6. ARiANA DuoSafe Kid’s Very Fine Cotton Face Mask

ARiANA DuoSafe Kid's Very Fine Cotton Face Mask

Again, Ariana comes to offer the best mask for kids with a cute design of ocean creatures on one side.

Most importantly, your kid can use it either from its sides. To add, it is made of 100% cotton and to make it soft it has a high thread count. 

It includes features such as it is reusable and hands washable. Other things that it contains are breathability and stretchability. To add, it is unisex.

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7. SHOPERIYA KN95 Multicolor Reusable, washable & CE certified

SHOPERIYA KN95 Multi color Reusable, washable & CE certified to protect Mouth droplets, Dust and pollution,Filter Face Mask for Kids,Adults,Men & Women Pack of 5 mask

If you are looking for a durable and washable mask, you are in the right place! Shoperiya offers you a pack of 5 masks with KN95 and a filter valve that has a filtration efficiency of more than 99% of 2.5PM.

It is the best kids mask as it protects your baby from dust, ash, smoke, pollution, and other particulate matter, that too in all the weather. 

You won’t find any adjustment issues in this mask for kids as it has stretchable earloop straps.

As a result, it adjusts to most size of the head. If you are worried that it might hurt your baby, do not worry.

As these best mask for kids comes with an assurance that these will not hurt the eyes or nose when the duration of wearing the mask increases. 

On top of it, you can wear them for a long duration. As I mentioned the same above, with the help of its design. Yes! The design on the mask filters the air perfectly and passes the same with all the ease.

Therefore, easy to wear for a long time. 

Wash it and re-use it!

In contrast, a kid of 5 years and below can not wear this. It also has a Bacterial Filteration Efficiency of less than 95%.

If I have to give you one more reason to buy this best mask for kids then it is CE and FDA certified. 

In my opinion, you should go for this mask as it does not only have elegant features but is certified too. 

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Note: No mask can guarantee full protection from COVID-19. These masks can help avoid droplets and aerosol if used effectively as per the user instructions.

Now, let’s move to the types of masks. This would make you understand to buy a certain type of mask accordingly. 

Types of Mask

Types of Mask

Here, we go with the mask,

1. Basic mask 

These masks are best to wear regularly, even you can wear them for public use, like going to grocery stores, gas stations, etc during the midst of COVID-19. 

2. N95 Respirator

N95 masks are used by healthcare workers and medical first responders, not by the general public. Though many doctors are advising to wear this mask during the pandemic.

But still, the government ordered to avoid the N95 mask. It has multiple layers of filter. That ensures to provide 95% dust or pollutant-free air. 

In addition, the breathing resistance of the N95 mask is less than other types of masks. Hence, you can wear this for a long time without fear of suffocation. 

3. P100 Respirator or Gas Mask

These masks are worn by painters, woodworkers, and another person who comes in contact with chemicals, lead, and asbestos.

If you are looking for a mask for the protection against COVID-19 you should not go for this mask.

4. Surgical Face Mask

The surgical face mask is made under the approval of the FDA. Therefore, it is made of thin disposable material. You might saw varies doctors and respiratory therapists wearing the same. 

Even the medical professionals who are operating the COVID-19 test wear this mask.

The best part is that it covers your complete face, which includes the nose, mouth, cheeks, eyes, and forehead. Throw it after wearing it one time. These are NOT recommended to wash and use again.

5. Filtering Facepiece Respirator

As I mentioned earlier, the surgical mask is disposable, filtering facepiece mask has the same feature.

Typically, it does not use for preservation against airborne diseases. Although, these are used to prevent exposure to pollen, wood dust, and animal dander.

On the positive side, it is best to wear during COVID-19 for people who have allergies.

6. Full Face Respirator 

If you are dealing with any kind of breathing issues, this is the best mask for you.

To add, it is also the ideal option if you are facing issues in breathing through a cloth or surgical mask. Typically, it is used for home improvement projects. 

7. KN95 Respirator

It is very much similar to the N95 mask as both the mask provides 95% dust or pollutant-free air. In contrast, the N95 mask captures large particles too.

8. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus

First, you do not have to wear this mask to protect yourself against COVID-19. These are generally worn by firefighters to breathe clean air during dangerous situations. 

9. Full-Length Face Shield

This mask is made for the welders, which is the flimsier and plastic version of glass. It covers the complete face from your face to chin.

That is secured with a cushioned headband. If you look at the big picture it is not perfect to use during COVID-19 because it makes it tough to breathe.

FAQs On Kids Mask

Where can I buy kids’ face masks?

The current scenario is that, buy the masks online only, avoid going to any malls, shops, store, etc. If online not possible then only go for offline.

Can kids wear N95 masks?

N95 masks may not be suitable for the kid below 3 years as it enhances the resistance against breathing.

What are the best face masks for kids?

Shopperiya and Filtra 3-ply are the best masks for the kids.

What type of mask should you use for the Coronavirus disease?

For the protection against COVID-19, you should buy a mask with multiple layers. Along with this, it should be comfortable, breathable, and should have a snug fit.


To conclude, we all know that one day all schools will be opened. This further increases the need for the kid to wear a mask. Hence, make your kid understand how important it is, this is how your kid would end up wearing one.

Make it a part of their life during this tough time!

Wearing a mask is not enough, you and your baby/kid should also need to take all the precautionary measures.

Though it might be tough nothing is more important than the safety of the baby/kid. 

Be Safe and Carefulness Cost You Nothing!

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