LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller/Pram Review

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LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller/Pram Reviews | Luvlap Stroller Reviews | Buy LuvLap Galaxy Stroller Online

You would possibly have heard about Prams. If not then they’re sincerely cute baby devices that are specially made for sporting newborns.

Presenting you India’s maximum comfy baby device-the LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller Review.

This LuvLap Galaxy Baby stroller is mainly for brand-new grown-up babies who have the potential to sit up straight. Gift your baby this stroller for this new world! This is great at any location.

You can use this in towns where you have to decide on sidewalks. This stroller may be effortlessly diverted to get away from a bus. If you live in a suburban and need to get along subways this stroller is for you. It’s clean to fold. It’s transportable and you could hold it in the trunk of your vehicle.

Most of the families have multiple toddlers of an equal age group. Tell your toddler now they may have a walk with their older buddy. The stroller permits the usage of an attachment.

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller/Pram, Extra Large Seating Space

Never mind in case you are a health freak mom. This is a sort of umbrella stroller that you can love accompanying you on travels. You can jog errands with this lovely family buddy.

Moms are absolutely buying freaks. This stroller has storage baskets for your day-to-day accessories. Remember that your toddler should be nicely protected from this harsh climate. Stop thinking and go for this because it is got excellent storage for a rain cover plus a sunshade and a cup holder for the little foodie.

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Why should parents buy this?

To start with, LuvLap is a brand that is greatly appreciated by its customers for several of its baby products- with strollers, customers love the design and durability.

LuvLap Galaxy is a European Standard EN 1888 certified, which is a great guarantee of safety. It comes with a 5 point safety harness, which will definitely keep your child safe and prevent them from falling off. The seat also is adjustable and has three reclining positions, allowing your baby to sit, sleep, and happily play in whatever position they please.

It makes it easy with a view to move around with your list. It will help your child to get high-quality vibes without getting tired and exploring the world all around. This stroller is a great marketplace piece for you as it maintains you glad and untired of your toddler.

LuvLap Galaxy Baby Pram review

It is a combination of a stroller and a pram, which means that it can carry newborn babies as well as tiny tots who can stand up on their own inside it if they want- a big win for parents who would like to stick with the same stroller/pram throughout their child’s baby years.

Another major point of this particular stroller would be the reversible handlebar so that the parent can also see the baby while pushing it. Your child is bound to love it- being able to sit comfortably in a stroller that comes in several pretty colors, look around the world and giggle away with family at the same time!

Features of LuvLap Galaxy Pram/Stroller

These functions make it actually worth the purchase-

The Mayo Clinic has suggested using a lie-flat stroller seat or bassinet attachment in a stroller for babies under 6 months. Outside of the car (or the stroller if you must use a car seat), experts stress you should never allow a baby to sleep or just hang out in the car seat.

This stroller has 3 role seat recline. Hence it is a satisfactory choice as it is able to be used with a toddler automobile seat also. This function makes it easy so one can circulate the baby from the auto to the stroller. Let your infant have a fine of sleep and locomote anywhere.

Then it had each adjustable leg rests and footrests. It’s very important, especially for your toddler. The footrests are designed so uniquely that the child’s feet by no means get trapped between them.

The product has the first-class of brakes-the rear-wheel link brake and the swivel wheel lock with a break. It’s easy to apply and a very crucial part. It’s commonly impossible for the lit to lock or free it up. The controllers are entirely on your hands and you can judge it is balanced whilst it is stopped.

There are five-point protection harnesses. LuvLap Galaxy Stroller seat belt is really sturdy. They provide the best restraint system. Slipping chances are reduced and the infant is secured on the seat.

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Are there different alternatives?

As always, several similar alternatives are available in the market, both within and outside LuvLap. If you’d like to stick with LuvLap in particular but would like a cheaper price, they have the Joy Stroller with similar features.

They also have the Sunshine Stroller, which also includes a mosquito net. If the baby would need more than three reclining positions, both the previously mentioned strollers would suit you as they have multi-position seat recline. If your child needs something more cushiony, LuvLap Grand would definitely be a perfect fit.


In terms of other brands, cheaper ones that are still known for their quality would include R for Rabbit, BabyGo, and Little Pumpkin. Some more expensive alternatives would include Chicco and Graco, but both brands are also quite well known for their quality and customer service.

These brands also tend to establish their assembly instructions in a manner that’s much easier to understand compared to LuvLap, considering that customers have reported there to be mistakes in their instruction manuals.

Meanwhile, also check the list of the best-selling and cheap baby strollers in India.

It’s higher to have a study through those buying publications because it will help you have got a satisfying purchase. Always reflect on consideration on the protection of your child. Look at how convenient and comfortable it is for your child.

Test it via putting your toddler in it and note his reaction. The most important aspect is the scale of the stroller.

LuvLap Galaxy Stroller Pros and Cons


  • Very safe
  • A reversible handlebar makes your toddler confident.
  • Sturdy build
  • Multiple color options
  • Washable seat
  • Detachable food tray
  • Ample storage area
  • Three reclining options


  • Cushioning space desires to be labored upon
  • LuvLap Galaxy stroller manual might not be enough for installation
  • No mosquito net
  • No more than three reclining options
  • The stroller is difficult to assemble
LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller/Pram Review

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Final Words on LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller Review

To sum up, most Indians aren’t that habituated with this form of child prams. Since you’ve got taken an effort to study the object I will boost your confidence about the product. Your baby is the most lovely creature of Mother Nature.

In this mechanical existence, you need to have many worries and tensions. Don’t you miss your childhood? This is the time period when your child must experience to the fullest. Your toddler’s smile will vanish all your concerns and tensions.

Trust me once your baby could have his seat on this pram it’s going to be the 7th heaven for him. Don’t omit the beautiful experience. Babies now can sit up with full joy. They must have the freedom to exit and feature a remarkable time admiring the sector. A breath of sparkling air is also very important for his or her health.

Modern moms tend to be health freaks. A study was conducted for calculating the cardiorespiratory response of women in pushing strollers. There were about 11 women participating for a single stroller. 17 more women were counted for the double stroller. They were all subjected to a treadmill maximal exercise capacity test at 3.0 and 4.0 mph.

The following things were measured:

  • Oxygen consumption
  • Caloric expenditure
  • Heart rate

Finally, the tests proved that pushing a weighted single or double stroller improves cardiorespiratory fitness. So get to the Amazon and improve your health and fitness in this easy-loving process.

Hence, if you think that we have missed out on something in LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller Review, please let us know. How is your experience with LuvLap Galaxy Baby Stroller/pram? Let us know in the comments below.

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