7 Must-Have Baby Bedding Accessories in India😴

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

7 Must-Have Baby Bedding Accessories in India for Comfortable Sleep!

You must be aware of the fact, how much good sleep is essential for the baby’s development, right?

Hence, for the undisturbed sleep of your baby, you need bedding accessories on which you can rely completely.

Further, sleep is not only about having a comfortable bed or a soft and cozy blanket. But for a baby, it is more than that, as it includes bed protectors, mosquito net, etc.

In short, you gotta check on all the aspects to prevent your baby from any harm. Sometimes, you must be perplexed, what to buy to keep your baby safe while sleeping, well that’s alright. Not knowing something, does not make you bad parents.

So, parents, I have come up with a mini list of baby bedding accessories along with some best-selling examples of the products. Now you will know everything your baby needs while sleeping.

7 Must-Have Baby Bedding Accessories in India

1. Sheets

Sheet - Baby Bedding Accessory

Newborns are gonna pee, and poop whenever they like. Though you have diapers for your rescue, it is still better to have a backup. Bed protector sheets keep your baby dry at night, in case she pee.

Above all, your mattress would remain dry so that you do not have to rush in the morning to place your mattress under the sun or to wash it, to get rid of the smell, or to dry it.

So, I have come up with the perfect baby bedding accessory for your tot, which is a waterproof baby dry sheet.

For example, Oyo Baby Care Waterproof Bed Protector Baby Care Dry Sheet

Oyo baby bed protector keeps your baby dry with high absorbency. Along with this, it is an anti-dust changing mat that you can use again and again. Hence, long life.

That leads me to, comfort, with high absorbency, it is soft, fluffy, breathable, and made of skin-friendly fabric. Thus, your baby will be comfortable and safe against fluid, precipitation, and urine.  

Another reason which I liked most is that it is a multi-purpose dry sheet that can be used by elders, pregnant women, newborns, and toddlers as toilet training

I believe, you are going to love this.

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2. Swaddlers

Your newborn is still adjusting to the environment and the best way to make your baby feel safe and secure is by swaddling them. Therefore, swaddling is essential to keep your baby warm and cozy to allow your little one to sleep peacefully by preventing flailing of the arms and legs of the baby.

By keeping the importance of swaddling in mind. I have come up with a soft and cozy swaddling blanket.

For example, cottingtonlane Organic Muslin Cotton Baby Swaddle Blanket with Zig Zag and Polka Designs

By keeping the comfort of the baby in mind, this swaddling blanket is made of 100% cotton as well as it is big enough, to fit the newborn to 9 months baby.

Are you worried about the baby’s skin? 

No worries, it is OEKO-TEX CERTIFIED which ensures that it is safe for the human body and environment. In simple words, your baby won’t feel trapped in this blanket as it is breathable. So, no overheating. 

Additionally, it promotes deep sleep and after every wash, it continues to get softer. Also, its use is not limited to swaddling the baby but you can also use it as a sunshade cover, baby towel, play mat, reusable napkins or wipes, etc. 

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3. Blankets

Blanket or Swaddlers - Baby Bedding Accessory

Here comes another baby bedding accessory which is a blanket. A blanket keeps your baby warm and cozy while sleeping, especially in the winter season. You can consider buying either a swaddle or blanket. As the above example offer both a swaddle and a blanket.

For example, BRANDONN Newborn All Season Ultra-soft Baby Blanket for Babies

BRANDONN newborn baby blanket is ultra-soft and safe for your baby’s skin. The best thing is that you can click cute pictures of your baby as this blanket has a hood too. Hence, your baby is going to look super cute. 

Either use it as a towel, blanket, wrap your baby in the same. Do whatever you like. 

4. Bed Rails

You don’t even realize and your baby would start moving while sleeping or playing. No doubt, your tot is going to look adorable babbling and moving. But it also comes with a nightmare for parents.

However, what if I tell you, you can keep your baby safe by using bed rails. That would be great, isn’t it?

For example, Kurtzy Foldable Bed Rail Baby Falling Safety Guard Barrier

As I said, to prevent falling off the baby from the bed while playing or sleeping, you can use Kurtzy bed rails. First, it won’t need much space to store as it is foldable and is easy to install too. So, it is perfect for a holiday trip as well as for your home.

To add, it is made of strong nylon and plastic material with a metallic frame. That makes it durable. With that, its translucent mesh allows you to watch your baby sleeping and playing.

Hence, your baby can sleep and play.

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5. Pillows

Baby pillows

As your baby lays on the back consistently, it can result in a flat head. In order to ignore the issues, your baby needs the head shaping pillow because it disperses the pressure evenly and prevents a flat head.

Here, I have come up with a perfect head shaping pillow that will support your baby’s head, neck, and shoulder. 

For example, Omved Baby’s First Pillow Head Shaping Rai Mustard Seeds Pillow with Lavender, Removable Cotton Cover

Omved baby head shaping pillow is a perfect solution to avoid a flat head as it distributes the pressure around the shoulder, neck, and head. And therapeutic lavender ensures a peaceful sleep. Therefore, your baby can relax and sleep calmly. 

Moreover, to ensure a good sleep, this pillow is soft as well as you can use it to support the baby’s head while changing a diaper or nappy, and more. Another benefit of having this pillow is that it has natural warming properties that lessen the cold and allow effortless breathing.

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6. Mosquito Protection

Here finally comes, blood-sucking creatures, that is mosquitoes. I guess I don’t have to tell you what kind of diseases mosquitoes can cause. Yet, malaria, dengue, Zika virus, etc are some of the names of the disease.

You gotta protect your baby from mosquitoes, and other insects. For this, you can either use mosquito roll-on or cream and mosquito net. To be honest, I’m more in favor of using a mosquito net as it won’t be harmful to the baby’s skin, like a mosquito repellent cream, or ointment could be. 

However, while going out your baby have to use mosquito roll-on or cream. To be on the safe side, prevent applying it on the baby’s hands as babies use to put their hands in their mouth. And wash the cream or ointment from the baby’s skin as soon as you reach the home. 

For example, Mamaearth Anti Mosquito Fabric Roll On 8ml. DEET Free. Protects from Dengue, Malaria & Chikungunya

Here comes Mamaearth roll-on which is made of 100% natural ingredients like Citronella, Eucalyptus, and Lemongrass oil. Roll-on is safe while your baby is going out because you have to apply it on the baby’s cloth, not on the skin. Most importantly, it is certified which ensures that it is toxic-free as well as preserves your baby from mosquito for 8 hours.

Next comes, baby net to prevent the baby from mosquitoes, bugs, and insects while the baby is sleeping. You can consider buying these natural mosquito repellents for the baby.

For example, Healthgenie Double Bed King Size Mosquito net

It is time to sleep in a mosquito, bugs, and another insect-free environment. In order to do so, this net is made of polyester fabric and the finest mesh that restricts the entry of mosquitoes and insects. To add, it is perfect for a double-size bed and has 2 entrances to allow you to make easy entry and exit from the net.

Hence, it is time to have a good sleep.

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7. Toys for Sleeping

Toys for Sleeping

First of all, let me be very clear. Never ever put any toy, teddy bear, or other soft toys in a crib or sleeping bed when the baby is sleeping. As it might be the cause of suffocation.

Then why I’m saying to use toys for sleeping? You must be thinking is this guy totally mad or what?

Well, you can use the hanging toys instead which have soothing music or lights to keep the baby in cozy sleep.

For Example: Toyify Baby Sleeping Stars Projector with Light and Music for Newborn Babies

This is really a good toy for a 0-9-month-old baby. It has pleasant and gentle music. Don’t worry it is 100% safe to hold as it is non-toxic. Your baby will not be afraid in the nights with this amazing toy.


So, with all these bedding accessories you and your baby can sleep peacefully at night with all the comfort, and without being disturbed by the mosquito and insects.

What do you think, did I miss something adding here in the must-have baby bedding accessories? If yes, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a peaceful good night!

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