Top 10 Must-Haves from SuperBottoms Baby Product (Reviews!)

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

“A Mommy went looking for that perfect baby diaper & got disappointed to find none. That’s when Superbottoms was born!”

The words on the website of Superbottoms define their sole motive to provide the #1 best-selling baby products in India, which is trusted by over 2 lakh parents. So, here today we will have a look at whether Superbottoms provides good care to the baby as they claim to do.

Well, to be on the safer side, I would like to mention that I have received some of the finest Superbottoms products and here I’m gonna provide you with real-time reviews of these beautiful diapers/nursing pads/ blankets, and more resting on my table right now.

And let me make it very clear, I have personally used these cute Superbottoms products on my baby and I found him very comfortable and calm in these.

Let’s get going!!

1. SuperBottoms Newborn UNO- Washable & Reusable Waterproof Adjustable Cloth Diaper

 SuperBottoms Newborn UNO

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Ideal age: 0-3 Years

Here is a Superbottoms Newborn UNO, a diaper with attractive floral imprints which will give your baby a cute little look. Apart from its looks, what I like the most is that it is not only a super dry layer but is made of organic ingredients- simply to keep your baby dry and comfortable.

Probably, I’ve been using it just for a while, so here I’m gonna mention a real-life example who has been using this diaper for a long time. In my family relationship, my aunt and uncle have been using the Superbottom UNO diaper for the last 1 year. 

Below-mentioned are some of the things they mention – 

  • Easy to adjust the length. 
  • Seamless to open and close with velcro closure.
  • Keep the baby comfortable. 

And I guess, the perspective of parents holds a lot of importance, doesn’t it? 

If I have to be honest and being a mother myself, I would say it does. Moreover, let’s see some other benefits which I think make it worth buying.


  • For seamless wearing of diapers, it has velcro closure.
  • To keep the diaper dry it has a Superdryfeel layer.
  • Its length adjustment buttons allow you to change its length accordingly.
  • It has an outer waterproof layer.
  • The Superbottom UNO diaper is soft, gentle, and breathable.
  • Does not contain chemicals.
  • Has multiple size waterproof layers.
  • Could be washable and reusable.
  • Could last up to 12 hours depending on peeing pattern.
  • CPSIA tested and certified.
  • Can be washed over 300+ times.
  • Voted India’s best cloth diaper as per KSP award.
  • Skin-friendly, thus, prevents rash.
  • Contains a dry feel pad and one booster pad.
  • Made of 100% organic ingredients. 


  • The most common issue with cloth diapers is leakage. Sometimes they don’t fit well. Pee or poop will result in leakage most of the time.

2. Ikat Chevron – Dry Feel Nursing Pads

Superbottoms Ikat Chevron - Dry Feel Nursing Pads

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Just have my baby and trust me, I needed these amazing nursing pads to save myself from embarrassment due to unpredicted leakage. 

And I would not say anything, but GOD has sent these to make our life easy!

I know, most of you must be thinking that I’m over exaggerating these things right now, but trust me I have tried so many nursing pads and nothing worked for me as good as Superbottom nursing pads. 

 Ikat Chevron - Dry Feel Nursing Pads
Image Credit @Superbottoms

Let’s see, what factors I loved the most –


  • Offers maximum comfort and dryness with five layers of cotton and a waterproof top layer.
  • Could be washed with hands and in a machine.
  • Its conical shape provides maximum comfort.
  • For proper coverage and fitting it has 3D contours.
  • Has 4 layers for dry feel and high absorption.
  • Offers over 300+ washes.
  • Breathable and lightweight.
  • Made of 100% cotton.


  • I felt it was thick in size which could be noticeable and for this reason, some women could find it uncomfortable to use.

3. Mulmul Jhabla – Ikat Magic Collection

Superbottoms Mulmul Jhabla - Ikat Magic Collection

First I would like to start with, what is Mulmul?

So, mulmul is a type of cloth and is made of 100% cotton. It is really soft like a feather. And who wouldn’t want to wrap their baby in a Jhabla which is soft as a feather? And of course, how can I forget it is a perfect outfit for your baby if you are going to a family function or to meet your friends. 

Just the previous week, I went to meet a few friends and all they talked to me about was how much they liked the Jhabla, and I believe they must have ordered a few too.

Here are a few things that catch their eyes, that I would love to tell you –


  • Soft and 100% cotton.
  • Comfortable wrap-over pattern.
  • Comes with snap buttons which allow you to easily put it on.
  • Designed to provide comfort and care.
  • Available in 6 culturally rich & traditional prints in AZO-free safe dyes, that makes it safe for babies.
  • Can be washed in a machine or hands.


  • Found no such negative points

4. Ikat Magic Swaddle Set- Pack of 3

Superbottoms Ikat Magic Swaddle Set- Pack of 3

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Looking for a super soft and comfortable swaddle wrap? How about I can help you get 3 swaddle wraps too at a reasonable price?

I know, it comes as a shock but hey! It’s true.

So, I was going around Google to find just the right swaddle wrap as I won’t take any chances when it comes to my baby’s safety. And of course, I found over 1000+ swaddles and it made me even more confused. 

Out of frustration, I reached out to my aunt and she asked me to try Superbottom wraps and trust me when I checked this set, I was shocked because other platforms were offering one swaddle for the same.

I know, you must be thinking that it must be of poor quality, however, it’s not. Here, let’s see, why I like this wrap the most –


  • Made of 100% mulmul/cotton.
  • Available in traditional prints which gives it the perfect look for a family function.
  • Safe and comfortable. 
  • Free from dyes, thus, no chemical used.
  • Could be used as a scarf, baby blanket, playmat, sunshade cover, etc.


  • It is very lightweight, personally, I think you can use it for the general purpose only. Not in winters!

5. Crimson Blooms Baby Blanket

Superbottoms Crimson Blooms Baby Blanket

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Ideal age – kids up to 7 years

One more blanket that I have recently purchased from Superbottom, that’s Crimson blooms. Though, probably for most people it would fall over the expensive category but trust me it’s worth buying. 

And it’s not just the quality of this blanket but I’m in love with the color and design of Crimson. Why not dive into it a little more and see, what makes it worth having –


  • 3 layered blankets to keep your baby warm and cozy.
  • Made of mulmul cotton which makes it soft.
  • Available in 2 traditional prints, that too on both sides.
  • The inner layer of the blanket is made of cotton flannel which makes it breathable.
  • Lightweight and dries instantly.
  • Could be washed either by hand or machine. 
  • Ideal for baby, toddler, and kid, thus long-lasting usage.
  • Could be used in all seasons.
  • Multiple usages such as sunshade, stroller cover, etc.


  • At this price, I believe it could offer more comfort. Since, we are talking about comfort, I would recommend you to use Vkaire blanket

6. Superbottoms Super Laundry Sheets – Pack of 45

Superbottoms Super Laundry Sheets - Pack of 45

Need laundry sheets to clean the mess your kid has created?

With your kid growing, the mess becomes a part of your life because “letting him learn things himself” is a part of growing.

So, for mothers to allow their kids to learn everything, Superbottom has come up with these laundry sheets which are not only a mess cleaner but are safe for the environment.

 Superbottoms Super Laundry Sheets
Image Credit @Superbottoms

For more pros, let’s see –


  • Perfect to maintain cleanliness.
  • Effectively cleans clothes.
  • India’s #1 laundry sheets are specially designed to prevent diaper mess, clean baby/kid’s blankets, sheets, etc.
  • Have an ocean-like fragrance, I personally liked fragrance the most, it is really good
  • Environmental safety.
  • Removes stains effectively. 
  • Could be washed in a machine and hand.


  • It could be more durable, as I pulled it out of packet and it broke. Although it is suggested to transfer it in air tight container after opening the packet.

7. Unisex Toddler Briefs – Pack of 9 – Finding Dino – Rainy Poppins – Woody Goody

Superbottoms Unisex Toddler Briefs - Pack of 9 - Finding Dino - Rainy Poppins - Woody Goody

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Appropriate age – available for kids of 2-3 years and 3-4 years

With my baby growing, I want myself to be perfectly ready and that’s why – I have found these unisex toddler briefs. 

And trust me, these are adorable

Superbottoms offers India’s softest – underwear made of 60% Modal and 40% Cotton, which makes it breathable and master of sweat absorption. 

So, let your toddler wear this underwear for more comfort. Before moving to another product, let’s have a look at what I liked most about these toddler briefs –


  • 60% Modal and 40% Cotton – perfect for sweat absorption and is breathable.
  • Stretchable fabric to allow proper motion.
  • Interlocked stitches and no irritation due to scratchy labels and elastics.
  • Have super soft thread and concealed elastic for toddler’s comfort.
  • Available in – Toddler Unisex Briefs, Young Girl Briefs, Young Boy Briefs.
  • Perfect for active kids.
  • Have unisex prints.
  • Claimed to be 2 times softer than ordinary briefs.
  • Dye-free, thus safe for kids.


  • Found no such cons.

8. Superbottoms Padded Underwear (Potty Training Pants) – Jungle Jam Collection

Superbottoms Padded Underwear (Potty Training Pants) - Jungle Jam Collection

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Appropriate age – available for babies of 9 months – 4 years.

Here I have got – potty training pants that your baby can use during the potty training phase. The best thing I liked about this underwear is that it is easy to wear and take off with padding without creating a mess.

Moreover, it can be used in diaper-free time and potty training phase without affecting the comfort underwear should provide to a growing baby. So, let’s move on to its other benefits rather than being a perfect blend of comfort and mess preventer.

Thick pad inside


  • Easy to wear and take off with a gentle elastic.
  • Perfect to wear in  diaper free time and potty training phase
  • Has three cotton layers which make it comfortable and ensure high absorbency.
  • On its crotch, it has a TPU waterproof layer.
  • Safe for baby’s skin.
  • For a free snug fit, it has elastic around the thigh and back.


  • It is really annoying to change after just a pee or poop only. I mean it is good to use but only to give relaxation and moisture-free time to your baby’s bump area.

9. Dry Feel Langot – Sparkle and Shine Collection

Superbottoms Dry Feel Langot - Sparkle and Shine Collection

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Appropriate age – Infant

And here is our second last but completely worthy product for your little darling and that’s this cute little langot.

Trust me, this langot would look super cute on your baby because I can see my baby when he wears it, and trust me, it multiplies his cuteness 100 times. Plus, it is a perfect and adorable choice to let your baby enjoy diaper-free time.


  • Soft and dry for baby comfort.
  • Has three layers of cotton padding which can hold one pee of the baby.
  • To prevent leakage, it has gentle elastic at the back and thighs.
  • Easy to pull up.
  • Available in different sizes.
  • Could be washed in a washing machine and with hands.
  • AZO-dye-free, thus safe for babies.
  • CPSIA certified and tested.
  • Keep the baby dry even after peeing with its 2 padded layers.
  • Skin-friendly to keep the baby’s skin safe.


  • Found no such con

10. Ikat Chevron – Stole Style Nursing Cover

Superbottoms Ikat Chevron - Stole Style Nursing Cover

Nursing a baby is tough, especially when you live in a joint family because everyone would be in your room taking care of your baby. 

Probably, that’s why Superbottom has come up with such a beautiful nursing cover which is made of 100% modal fabric. First, let’s start with what does 100% modal fabric implies –

  • Modal fabric is a kind of fabric that is weaved in a way to ensure breathability. 
  • Perfect for baby’s skin as it is soft and gentle.
  • Comfortable for both mother and baby.

And you know what, I agree, it is one of the perfect nursing covers, as when I use it during this cold winter, I can feel how comforting it is for me and my baby.

Here, let’s see, what makes it more special –


  • It is really very soft and comfortable for baby and mother.
  • Perfectly breathable for baby.
  • Could be used as a nursing cover, maternity poncho, and style accessory.
  • Safe for the environment as it is environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Compatible with hand or machine wash.


  • You can hide your baby under this cover but still I recommend to not do so. It is not a con for the product. But still on a safer side.


So, mommies, how do you like these top 10 Superbottom products?

I have used most of them and I can definitely say, these are the must-have products – not only for babies but for mommies too. I mean, the comfort they provide is unparalleled and if I’m gonna buy more products from Superbottoms, and certainly will share my experience with you all.

Till then, you can get a few products for you as per your needs and let me know, whether it has met your expectations or not?

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