12 Tips & Ideas: My Baby is Not Eating Anything What Should I Do!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

My baby is not eating anything what should I do? | Baby not interested in eating solids | My 1-year-old won’t eat anything but milk

Running behind your baby to make him eat something, is it working?

Also, it is not just running behind baby, but it is all the drop of food in your home that has created a mess. So, now it’s just you sitting on a chair looking at the floor.

However, it is not over yet, as you must have been thinking “my baby is not eating anything what should I do?”

God! Please help me.

Well, not eating is a headache for parents because only you understand the importance of a proper diet or a complete meal. Above all, it is fundamental for your baby’s growth, without which your baby won’t receive essential nutrition. 

No doubt, with the growth your baby needs more and more nutrition, however, breastmilk can not provide such nutrition. 

So, how you are going to provide these nutrients to your baby? What will you do regarding a 1-year-old baby not eating?

1-year-old baby not eating

Tough one, isn’t it?

What if I can give you the finest solution to make your baby eat solid food?

Is it possible?

I say, YES!!

12 Tips & Ideas: My Baby is Not Eating Anything. What Should I Do

1. Be Creative

Be Creative

Oh! No no, I’m not asking to add colors to your baby’s food, I just meant make a cute character or smile with the food.

Trust me it would work!

As shifting to solid food from breastmilk could be tough for your baby, I mean who won’t be scared of the change.

I know, I would. 

Even playing with food also works sometimes. Though you should not do it, yet a little bit of role play with daddy isn’t bad.

Something new to try- You can cook food using various veggies to make it colorful. This would make it colorful, fun, and ensure a healthy diet for the baby to eat.

2. Give a Bit of Zing

Give a Bit of Zing

How would you feel, if you have to eat one vegetable regularly?

Well, even if it is your favorite food, you can not eat it regularly. 


Your baby feels the same!

So, you gotta spice it up. No no, don’t add chili or other spices in your baby food, just try to add some variations. 

Note- This would also allow you to introduce new food to the baby which would be helpful in the long run.

3. Jam a Little

As we all know, music could be one of the finest ways to engage your baby. Why not try this while eating?

Trust me, you just have to play your baby’s favorite song and make them eat tasty food while singing or playing in between versa or chorus of the song.

Note- It could result in food blockage so, be careful while trying this.

4. Eat With Everyone

Some people like to eat with everyone, however, others enjoy their food alone. So, if you have a neighbor with a baby, they can also join you on a baby date where you can make some delicious variety of food for the baby.

Well, if you are planning for a family dinner, probably not a good idea because it is about talking, laughs, and being together. That will make you focus on other individuals, not on the baby’s meal.

Fact- Probably, a baby seeing another baby/kid eating could create a positive impact on the baby and encourage your baby to eat.

5. Hey! Your Order Has Arrived, Please Open Your Mouth

Hey! Your Order Has Arrived, Please Open Your Mouth

Remember that trick, where our grandma used to say, aya aya aya….um…aagaya!!!

Well, it still works, at least on my cousin because it’s fun.

When your hand full of food reaches the baby mouth creating several funny movements still have the same impact on the baby.

Come on! It is an evergreen trick and I can bet, it will work!

6. Eww! NOOOO!!!!!!!!


Well, if your baby is eating, but creating a mess. 

It is not eww!!!! But it is YAY!!!!!

Um! How??

Because your baby is eating, just look at that mouth full of food.

On the contrary, you cleaning the floor or table while making your baby eat something can distract the baby. 

It has been well said by Surf Excel, “ Daag Ache hai.”

Something you can try- When making your baby eat food, you can put some newspaper on the floor or table to prevent mess.

7. Give Everything to Your Baby!

Give Everything to Your Baby

Ah! Having all your favorite dishes on a plate, feels like heaven, isn’t it?

However, your baby isn’t quite there, because he is still figuring out what he likes, and that’s why you need to offer him everything you could. Be it carrot puree, tomato puree, sweet potato, ripe mango, whatnot. 

Just be a special chef for your little one.

Why? How it is going to solve, “my baby is not eating anything what should I do?”

I’m telling you how! 

When your baby will be exposed to various tastes, he or probably you will find out what your baby loves.

8. Change Your Meal and Time

What if I make you eat rajma chawal regularly at dinner?

Would you enjoy it?

I won’t!

And that’s why you need to introduce different food to the baby at different times. In short, don’t give tomato puree as a notion to a dinner/breakfast/lunch. 

Try to mix it up and let your baby eat everything.

9. Eat With Your Baby

Eat With Your Baby

Just like you hold your baby’s hand trying to make him walk, you are gonna have to sit and eat with your baby.

And there you got the answer of what to do if a baby is not interested in eating solids?

As it is well said, babies are the mirror of the parents, so sitting and eating with the baby to make your baby eat everything. 

10. No Distractions

No Distractions

In this fast-phased world, we only get time to watch our favorite series only when we eat food.

However, that’s not the right way to eat because you are not focusing on food but on what’s going on between the main actor and actress. 

Similarly, when your baby eats food, keep the TV off, mobile phones asides, and everything aside for later.

11. Start With Something Tasty

Right now, it is not about health but it is more of a combination of healthy and tasty. So, when introducing your baby to food, start with something healthy and tasty. 

12. Role Play

Probably role-playing of eating in a restaurant would work perfectly if your 1-year-old baby not eating or my 1-year-old won’t eat anything but milk. 

You can act like eating veggies or fruits your baby does not like. 


I can bet, at least some of these tips would work. Why wouldn’t it?

One of the essential reasons it will work is because some of these are tried and experience says a lot, isn’t it?

However, when feeding the baby, the possibility of food wastage increases, that’s why only take the restricted amount of food on the plate. Because some of the babies don’t even get a bite to eat.

So, let’s start a new chain. And if some food is left on the plate, give it to a needy person.

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