47 Myths About Pregnancy & Facts in India🙄

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47 Myths About Pregnancy & Facts in India:

Certainly, pregnancy is the most precious moment you are living. It is not only about following a strict diet but it also includes all the advice that you receive.

But are you certain that everything you are being told is right?

Hey! You can take a sigh of relief, as I’m going to tell you what myths about pregnancy you are following.

Hence, before following anything blindly, let’s have a look at what things are true or what are myths.

And here I’m going to help you out by finding out the true things behind all the myths about pregnancy you are following, so far.

Here we go with myths about pregnancy, that you should know,

47 Myths About Pregnancy in India

1. Eat Twice as Much

Eat, eat eat - Myths About Pregnancy

In short, NO. You do not have to eat twice as much during pregnancy but ensure to have a healthy pregnancy diet. Hence, it is one of the pregnancy food myths.

Your diet simply should include all the essential nutrients such as folic acid, iodine, vitamins, calcium, protein, and iron.

To be specific, you require 300 additional calories a day but that too by following a healthy diet. Increasing calories does not mean you have the right to eat junk food or sweets but here, I want to put emphasis on a healthy diet.

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2. Say No to Exercise

That’s the biggest myth or misconception about pregnancy.

You can exercise but certainly with some modifications. Even exercise has many benefits such as it improves mood, provides a healthy glow to the skin, allows you to regain the pre-pregnancy body instantly, etc. 

Though it depends on whether you have a normal or complicated pregnancy. If you exercise before pregnancy you can continue your routine with some changes.

Additionally, if you want to start now, no worries! Start working slowly by the following expert’s advice.

Don’t go for heavy lifting!

I would advise you to consult the doctor before performing any exercise.

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3. Say “NO” to Sex

Here comes one more misconception about pregnancy.

Yes, you can have sex during your gestational period. Unless your doctor or midwife advised you not to have it.

For your information, if you are worried that it might hurt your baby. In that case, do not worry, it won’t as the penis do not penetrate beyond the vagina.

However, you can always ask for expert advice, if you are having any second thoughts.

4. No Flying

Nah! You can get on the airplane and fly. But yes, you have to take care of some things before flying. As flying is associated with the risk of blood clots either in your leg or lung.

Therefore, before flying ensure to check the policies of the airline. With that, you can also take an occasional walk up and down the aisle. Not only this, if you remain seated you can periodically flex and extend your ankles.

Do not forget to remain hydrated as low humidity in the specific cabin can result in dehydration. Additionally, take other precautions too. Also, do not forget to take the advice of the doctor.

Usually, you can fly before 36 weeks of the pregnancy is considered safe, if you have a healthy pregnancy.

5. Stop Laughing During Pregnancy

laugh out loud
Please laugh, it increases your face value 🙂

This taboo really deserves an award. How come, laughing could affect you or your baby in a bad way?

It can not. On contrary, laughing during pregnancy is fine, though, make sure while laughing you should not fall off the bed, chair, or anything. And yes, laugh as loud you can as it helps in relieving stress.

6. Time to Live with your Messy Hair Without Dye

Hair dyes are not highly toxic as no chemical is permanent or semi-permanent. Though limited, most research shows that it is safe to dye your hair. However, some studies claim that a very high dose of chemicals on hair can be the cause of harm.

Mostly, women dye their hair after the 12th week of the pregnancy. Because during this phase the risk of exposure of the baby to chemical substances is less.

Above all, you can also wear gloves, apply dye for a minimum time, work in a perfectly ventilated room, and rinse your scalp after applying dye. This would lessen the risk further. 

Although, seek for an expert advise on the same.

7. Abandon your Favorite Sushi

Are you a sushi lover?

Are you tired of hearing that you can not take a bite of your favorite sushi?

So, it is time to be happy would be mammies as,

Usually, it is safe to eat sushi and other dishes that are made of raw fish during pregnancy. However, it depends on which fish is used to make sushi. On top of it, you should make sure that the fish is first frozen. 

Although you can only eat some type of fishes during your pregnancy, it includes fishes like tuna and oily fish.

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8. You would like Walking on Sunshine

Well, that’s not true for everyone, as not every pregnant woman feels like walking in the sunshine. The reason behind this is the response of the body to the distinct hormones. As a result, not everyone feels happy and glowing.

Do not expect your pregnancy to be happy and glowing always. You might also face irritating and annoying aspects of the pregnancy such as vomiting, morning sickness, and more.

On the other hand, some women go through more acne and other facial changes. 

In case you are not glowing, all you can do is to follow a healthy lifestyle. For this, you can simply eat healthy food, get good sleep, be hydrated, and perform moderate exercise. 

9. Peculiar Cravings

It is being believed that most pregnant women crave pickles and other random food.

But hey, that’s one of the myths about pregnancy.

Craving is the result of the hormonal changes that are going to affect your taste and smell. Not only this but changes in your blood sugar levels can also give you a craving for eating more or less sugary food.

However, if you are craving clay, dirt, and laundry, and other inedible things then you should immediately contact your doctor and midwife. This could be the cue of severe anemia and is termed as Pica.

10. Coffee, No!

No Coffee Myth in Pregnancy

Yes! You can have coffee during pregnancy but coffee of more than 150-200 milligrams a day is not good. That is in simple terms coffee of 1-2 cups a day. The reason behind this is that a high quantity of coffee is associated with the growth and development of the baby. 

To add, take the advice of the doctor and it is better to eliminate it completely. Additionally, cake, tea, energy drinks, and some medications also include caffeine.

Hence, before eating anything, it is better to know what your food includes.

11. Your Belly Reveals the Gender

Some parents are finding it fun to guess the gender of the baby.

Here comes your belly into the role which helps you predict one. However, it is popular among the series of myths about pregnancy.

There is nothing wrong with being curious about the baby’s sex.

But hey!

Can you seriously rely on the shape and size of your belly? 

I guess, NO.

Particularly, it is being said that if your belly is high and is sticking out then it is a boy. On the other hand, if your belly is low and spread around in your middle, then it’s a girl.

Does it make any sense?

Well, to me, it does not. Hence, you can not rely on this, can you?

12. You can Transfer Cold to your Baby

Well, suffering from a cold during pregnancy is not going to affect the baby. As cold is a mild illness that is easily handled by the immune system. But certainly, the temperature and infections are going to affect the baby. 

Therefore, it is advised to take all the vaccines as cold or flu with fever can lead to birth defects.

13. No Hot Dogs During Pregnancy

Well, do not worry. This is just one of the many pregnancy food myths as you are free to eat your favorite hot dog. However, your hot dog should be cooked above the temperature of 160-degree Fahrenheit.

Not only hot dogs but other processed meat, namely salami, or cold cuts can be contaminated with the bacteria while packing. Particularly, it is Listeria bacteria which could be the cause of stillbirth and miscarriage. 

Although, it is not the best thing to eat during pregnancy and I would advise you not to eat the same regularly. 

14. Morning Sickness can be Overcome with Some Tricks

First, I would start with the so-called term “morning sickness” is a myth about pregnancy. You can experience the same anytime, either it is evening or morning. You can not entirely overcome the morning sickness.

But yes! You can reduce the annoyance and pain to some extend. 

All you can do is to remain hydrated, avoid spicy food, take naps, have small meals, etc. 

15. Sitting Too Much can Cause Breech Baby

A big NO.

Sitting or running the marathon has nothing to do with your breeching baby.

Yes, certainly you are going to affect by this as sitting all day can result in increasing the weight. That further cause you back pain. Around 3–5% of pregnant women at term (37–40 weeks pregnant) have a breech baby.

However, engage yourself in some physical exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

16. Spicy Food Induces Labor

Spicy Food Induces Labor

According to Pregnancy Magazine, there is no scientific research that shows that spicy food induces labor.

In addition, there is no known food that induces labor. However, even scientists are not 100% sure why it happens in the first place.

It is also being viewed that signals are sending for uterus contraction by the fetus. Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with your stomach. Hence, it is a misconception about pregnancy. 

17. Ready to Predict your Exact Due Date?

That’s a good one!

The due date which the doctor tells you is plus or minus a couple of weeks. The reason behind this is that it is completely controlled by the baby. As doctors use frequent ultrasounds to predict the same.

Hence, it is one more among the series of myths about pregnancy.

18. Natural Birth is Better

Yes! This is a myth about pregnancy. I’m sure even you have been spending lots of time thinking about your birth experience.

Hence, not for every woman natural birth is best. It is associated with how we think about pain. But sometimes you are out of options. 

Thus, birth of the baby is depend on the complication or other factors.

19. Only Sleep on Left Side

This is also a myth about pregnancy that you should sleep on your left side. With that, you must be advised not to sleep on your back during this phase. And the reason behind this is that your heavy uterus likely to compress your blood vessel.

This further results in lessening the flow of blood to the baby and could also result in underweight.

All of this could not be true.

However, according to the studies sleeping on the left side could be not that helpful.

To add, the studies conducted by the University of Utah claim that your sleeping position does not impact or matters when it comes to baby health. Although, you should pay attention to the sleeping position for the first 5-6 months.

You must even try the these best pregnancy pillows in India for comfortable sleep.

20. C-section is Essential for Breech Births

Not necessarily.

C-section is only performed as this is the safest option for delivery for breeching births. If you are having a baby then in specific conditions C-section would be the best option you have, it depends on your condition.

21. Say No to Smoked Salmon

Say No to Smoked Salmon

The good news is that you can eat smoked salmon and smoked trout during your pregnancy as a part of your oily fish intake. However, you need to be aware as these contain a high quantity of salt. Especially if you are retaining water and have swelling, in that case you should limit the amount of the salt generally. 

22. Cocoa Butter Prevent Stretch Marks

There is no evidence that cocoa butter prevents stretch marks. Though, many women love to use it. As your belly gets bigger and you gain weight, stretch marks are inevitable.

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23. A Glass of Wine would be Fine

Not at all.

You should completely eliminate alcohol during pregnancy. In short, there is no safe quantity of wine or alcohol is ok for the baby. Hence, beer, wine, liquor, and other alcohols are going to affect the baby.

Even a glass of alcohol could enhance the risk of stillbirth, miscarriage, and Sudden Infant Healthy Syndrome.

Avoid smoking too!

24. Maintain Distance from Polished Furniture

Certainly, this is a myth about pregnancy and you do not really have to maintain distance from the polished furniture. No doubt, you should avoid exposure to some toxins such as lead, mercury, formaldehyde, flame retardants, and more.

To be more specific, you can talk to your doctor about the same. 

25. Bigger Babies are Healthier

Bigger Babies are Healthier

The average birth weight of the baby is 3.5 kg. However, the weight of the baby between 2.5kg and 4.5kg would consider normal. While having a much lighter or heavy baby is not good as these have their own issues.

For instance, a bigger baby could have issues like diabetes and obesity. 

26. Avoid Salt 

Salt is an essential ingredient of food so as it has various health benefits too. But you are not supposed to eliminate it or avoid it completely?

You just have to look out for the right amount of salt.

Definitely, a high amount of salt is not good but a small amount of salt in your diet would be healthy.

If you are not consuming the right quantity of salt then you can replace your regular salt with ionized one. You can consume the quantity of the salt which you consume normally.

To be specific, a person should consume a maximum of 6g of salt a day and an adult needs less than 1g of salt a day for normal body function. It is somewhat about a tablespoon or equal to 2.4g of sodium.

So, if your intake of salt is between 6g then you do not have to make any modification in your diet. 

27. No Stepping Over Ropes

Here comes one more pregnancy superstition, which claims that if a pregnant women step over the rope it can result in the nuchal cord. That is tangling of the umbilical cord around your baby’s neck. 

The funny thing is that it still prevails in the modern era with modification. As of now, it includes electrical cords. With that, it also suggests that you should not raise your arms above your head during pregnancy as it can also result in a nuchal cord. However, there is no scientific research for the same. 

28. The Lunar Effect could be Harmful

Again, you must have heard this pregnancy superstition that frequency with which a baby born enhance during the full moon. Not only this, but it is also associated with the bad omen.

Although, there is no scientific proof for the same. It is also advised, you should not go out during lunar eclipse or you should not sleep during the eclipse, and more are just myths about pregnancy. 

29. Hideous Animals

Another belief is that you should not see ugly animals during your pregnancy as it is being said that your baby can adopt the similitude of the animal. As usual, there is no scientific theory to support this. 

30. Ah! No gifts, Please

Ah! No gifts, Please - Myth About Pregnancy

Who does not love gifts?

I guess, everyone loves gifts, isn’t it?  But as a pregnancy superstition, it is believed that opening, receiving, and buying gifts for a baby is linked with the evil spirit. Simply, it attracts evil spirits and misfortunes like a miscarriage. 

Above all, it is also suggested that announcing the arrival of the baby too early can scare the baby, that means miscarriage. However, for your information, the risk of miscarriage is high in the first trimester than in others, which is completely natural. 

31. Hey! Do not Rub your Tummy

To be honest, you do not have to follow this myth about pregnancy. But you know what, rubbing and gently touching your belly could be a way to form a bond with your baby. By the 12 weeks of the pregnancy, your baby can sense the touch. 

So, it is the time to strengthen your bond.

32. Particular Food can Cause an Allergies to Develop

Not necessarily, your baby can not develop allergies by eating certain food such as nuts and milk. Unless you are already allergic to them.

But you should for sure eliminate food like raw meat, seafood, soft cheese, and more as these could affect your and baby’s health. You can reach your doctor for more information.

33. Vaginal Delivery is not Possible After C-section

Surely, you can have a vaginal delivery after having C-section earlier. As the type of delivery, you would have entirely depend on the processing of the pregnancy, labor of woman, and complication, if you have any. 

34. Some Food can Induce Labor

Mostly, some natural and alternative medicines people are suggesting you are based on unscientific knowledge. Though, natural remedies you must be suggesting to eat could have varied safety terms, such as pineapple, castor oil, spicy food, and more. 

Do not trust them blindly.

35. No Skincare Products

Do not worry, you do not have to live without taking care of your skin during pregnancy. This is just a myth and you can use skincare products.

But before using these ensure that your skincare products should not include retinoids or salicylic acid and other harmful chemicals. Therefore, before using any products consult with your doctor.

36. Avoid Rock Concerts

Avoid Rock Concerts

Nah! If you love being in concerts, you can go as it is not going to affect your tot. Certainly, your baby can hear the sounds but because of the amniotic fluids, the sound is muffled.

You can say it is more like being in the swimming pool underwater. However, stand in a safe place and not in too loud music.

37. Skipping Meals would Starve the Baby

Missing one lunch or meal would not harm the baby, but yes it is risky if you miss all your meals. All you have to do is to listen to your body and eat. So, if you are feeling nauseous and have no appetite, it is completely fine to skip a meal. 

In that case, you can eat small meals, try to avoid triggering thoughts and smell which would trigger you to feel queasy. You can get medication for the same, simply talk to your doctor about it.  

38. No High Heels

Well, so far it is better to avoid wearing high heels but you can save them for special occasions.

However, you need to be very cautious as you might trip and fall. Not only this but as days proceed your center of gravity also changes. Also, to stabilize your joints your body releases relaxin hormones that lose the stiff tissues.

39. Yoga Can Induce Labor or make Labor Smooth

Yoga is perfect to remain healthy, even during pregnancy. As it keeps you relaxed, relief stress, stretch your body, etc.

Yoga is perfect, to remain fit. However, there no evidence to prove that yoga induce labor.

That further includes, that yoga does not make labor smooth but for sure gives you better and efficient labor.

40. Say No to Spices

Eating spicy food during pregnancy food for your baby. As there is no medical evidence to show spicy food has any bad effect on the baby. As it is believed that spicy food can make your unborn blind, or that your baby will have a lot of hair.

Though, spicy food can have effects like morning sickness, heartburn, etc.

41. Heart Rate of Fetus can Predict Baby’s Gender

So, what you are gonna do, listen and count the heartbeat of your baby?

Hell No!

As it is not going to tell you the gender of the baby. And for your knowledge, the normal heart rate of the fetus is 120-160 heartbeats per minute.

Hence, no counting of baby’s heartbeat.

42. Mommy’s Face Shape and Fullness can Foretell Baby’s Gender

Here comes another old wives tale that your face or fullness can predict your baby’s gender.

So, do you have acne on your face?

If yes, you are going to have a girl. Though, as this theory lacks scientific evidence, you can not rely on the same. Because face shape and skin conditions are affected by varied factors such as your diet and genetics.

43. Why Two Pregnant Ladies Should Not Meet?

Why Two Pregnant Ladies Should Not Meet?

After doing research, so far, I have not found any reliable information concerning that two pregnant women should not meet or live under the same roof.

Speaking logically, I don’t think that it is making any sense that living two pregnant women should not meet. 

As proof, some women on what to expect community chat have experienced their views and call this saying a superstition. And they also wrote their experience which shows that two women living or meeting do not cause any harm to the baby or mother. 

44. Reason Behind not Crossing the River During Pregnancy

Like every other old wive saying, not crossing the river during pregnancy is one of them. As it is believed that an evil or jealous spirit can steal the unborn baby’s spirit.

Scientifically, there is no proof of the same.

45. Why Pregnant Women Should Avoid Funerals?

Logically speaking, it makes sense as funerals or other sad events can make you depressed. Though, according to the superstition, it is related to evil spirits.

Moreover, crowded places or homesick people can spread bacteria and germs that won’t be good for the baby and mother.

Also, it makes the mother depressed or sad at the funeral which is ultimately not good for the baby. It is more of depression, not an evil spirit.

46. Stop Watching Bad Videos During Pregnancy

The only reason, why a pregnant woman is discouraged to watch bad or scary videos is that it can cause stress to the mother.

However, when it comes to the baby, it won’t cause any harm to the baby. So consider this as the other myths about pregnancy.

47. Do not Touch Cats During Pregnancy

Do not Touch Cats

Ahh! Here comes one more pregnancy superstition! You love your furry and soft friend and if you are afraid that it can anyhow be a problem for your pregnancy, then do not worry. You are safe and can play with your cat.

However, do not change or clean the litter of the cat. Because the poop of the cat contains a parasite that can result in toxoplasmosis. Not only cats but some other birds and raw, uncooked, or cured meat can also carry the parasite.

These infections do not result in severe illness but yes if you catch the same during early pregnancy then it might result in miscarriage. 

You can ask someone else to clean the litter of your furry friend. If not, then you should wear gloves while cleaning it and certainly wash your hands.

So this is one of the top believable myths about pregnancy in India.


Myth busted on pregnancy

In India, believing in myths and superstitions is common but you should not follow the same with blind faith. Hence, always ask for your doctor’s/expert advice before doing anything, it could be eating, exercise, using any product, and more. 

All you have to do, is follow your doctor’s advice and do the right thing!

Please let me know your experience after reading these 47 myths about pregnancy.

Also, do let me know in the comments below if you heard of some more myths about pregnancy.

Happy Pregnancy!

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