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Ah! It is annoying, waking up all night then working all day.


Not only mothers but fathers also go through the same thing when the baby does not sleep all night. I’ll start with the importance of sleep for the baby.

First, the baby needs to sleep properly as it enhances the growth of the baby. If you wondering, how? That’s because in deep sleep growth hormones are secreted. 

Second, during sleep, the child and adults produce proteins, i.e., a cytokine. That helps the body to protest against germs, bacteria infections, and stress.

Third, when the baby does not get enough sleep, they look irritated, impulsive, and uncomfortable. That in return enhance the chances of getting hurt, according to a Chinese study.

Later, sleep enhance learning and allow the baby to be more attentive than the baby who does not sleep well. On the other hand, if you do not get proper sleep, you will also suffer some problems like irritation, anger, lack of attention, laziness, and more. 

Therefore, it is essential to sleep for both parents and baby. Because you do not have any choice but you have to follow this routine to allow the baby to sleep?

Although, if you are wondering, how to do it, then you are in the right place.

Sleep Sense Program by Dana Obleman (Review!)

To help you out, I have come up with the Sleep Sense Program. That basically teaches the baby or toddler to sleep at night step by step.  This program has helped over 109,000 parents to discover the instant solution to baby’s sleep issues.

This program is featured in CNN, The Washington Post, WebMD, Today’s Parent, and other trusted sources.

Here is what the founder Dana Obleman says:

Are you ready to solve yours? 

Of course, the effectiveness of the program depends on the age, individuality, and sleeping habits of the baby. Here, to get a good sleep and to pass this annoying phase, what you have to do?

Simply by talking about it to Dana Obleman to solve this issue, who has helped over 1,00,000 parents like you since 2003.

Are you ready for peaceful sleep?

Sleep Sense Program

How does it work? You simply have to answer basic questions and here you get personalized suggestions, on which you can work instantly.

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Now comes, what The Sleep Sense Program includes, let’s have a quick look at it.

What you will get with the Sleep Sense Program?

Certainly, if you are going for something, you should have all the information about what comes with it. Here, it is an E-book that is mailed to you, as soon as you pay for it.

Ready to explore the Sleep Sense Program? 

1. The Sleep Sense Program 

Here, it encompasses a book, ‘ My no-nonsense baby and toddler sleep solution’. This book has 197 pages with easy steps that allow you to teach your baby, how to sleep?

2. The 14 Days Sleep Coach Easy Video Training System

The 14-Day Sleep Coach Video Training System

What to do exactly? It has a video coach that teaches you precisely, what you have to do for 14 days and night. Also, it is customized on the basis of the age of the baby. 

3. Quick Start Guide and Workbook of The Sleep Sense Program

To make things easier for you, it has extra material that helps you to guide your improvement. For this, it has a workbook of 49 pages that further comprises planning and tracking tools. 

4. The Sleep Sense Video Library

For your convenience, it has 10 in-depth videos. That too, with the topics that include babies, toddlers, older children nap, and so on. Along with this, it has a video of 2 hours that includes the content of the no-nonsense book.

Either watch it or listen!

5. The Sleep Sense Hotline

The sleep sense program assists their customers with the help of live conference calls with Dana Obleman every week. Moreover, instead of just listening,  you can give suggestions, ask questions, and get answers.

6. Baby Sleep Bootcamp Recordings

If you are too lazy or busy to read, you can plainly listen to the Bootcamp recording. That too is customized for your baby’s age.

7. Email support

If you have any questions regarding the baby’s sleep, you can get your answer just by hitting the email. 

Similarly, The Sleep Sense Program offers you the best services, i.e., video conferences and emails.

8. 100% Money Back Guaranteed!

Various Plans of Sleep Sense Program
Note: Price May Vary

If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your purchase in the next 12 months. You will get your full money back with no questions asked. Which I think is really good for parents who think this program is not right for them.

So, are you buying the sleep sense program?

If you want more specific results than you can simply go for, Get one on one help, The Sleep sense Philosophy, and Dana’s Sleep blog.

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Get One on One Help!

You can simply hire a sleep adviser that too is certified by the Sleep Sense Program. The sleep sense program is an ideal program to help you to find the answer to the sleep-related query of the parents. 

Well, of course, when it comes to your baby you can not trust anyone, right?

However, to trust someone especially as an adviser for your baby, you need to be assured. Therefore, for your peace, the Sleep Sense Program can help you out in this.


Definitely yes! by providing you Certified Sleep Sense Consultant.

The consultant helps you out by assisting you in following every step of the process. Now, comes how can you contact the Certified Sleep Sense Consultant. No worries, I’ll help you with that, you can meet the consultant in the flesh or can seek advice on the phone. 

This is how you can make a sleep plan that is entirely personalized for your baby. To add, to get any information regarding baby’s sleep, any questions and answers you can easily contact the sleep consultant for a pair of weeks. 

Most of the important question, how do you know, the consultant are reliable, that you can blindly follow their advice?

Let me make it clear, that why the consultant is reliable? All the certified Sleep Sense consultant has been going through the personal training of 3 months.

After that, consultants, each year need to accompany numerous ‘continuing education’ events to maintain their certification. Therefore, the Sleep Sense Program provides you with the proper suggestion, tools, and support. That allows your baby to get a peaceful sleep at night and day.

Just like trying the baby bed accessories to engage the baby.

The Sleep Sense Philosophy! 

Not sleeping at night not only affects the parents but also affects the baby, which results in irritation, lack of energy, exhausted and more. This further results in a lack of learning.

To add, I’m sure you are really looking forward to enhancing the motor development of the baby, aren’t you?

Let’s have a look at Dona Obleman’s philosophy that improves the baby’s sleep. Either by using books, seminars, and consultants. All these are based on taking a step ahead not just spreading the gospel.

Moreover, the Sleep Sense Program focuses on philosophic stands, that’s why the priority of the program is to lend a hand to rescue you from your issues. By introducing you with various parenting styles to let baby sleep.

Out of many questions, the Sleep Sense Program also includes crying. Dona Obleman simply termed crying as a way for your baby to revolt against any change in the sleeping habits of the baby.

As a result, in this program, you have to follow different steps and methods. Also, trust me your baby is ready to revolt against any change that you would make in your sleeping pattern.

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What makes the Sleep Sense Program Effective & My Opinion?

Sleep Sense™ Program

Next, I’m going to mention why the sleep sense program is effective? It is effective, you can make a schedule for the baby on the basis of what you know about your child. 

To conclude, going for the Sleep Sense Program is all worthwhile as it will assist you and will help you to resolve the baby’s sleeping issue. Not only this but unlike other programs, it will always be your companion when you need to ask any question.

Lastly, the Sleep Sense Program is not about preaching. But is all about the existing steps that you have to do in order to see results. For your convenience, it has a book and a Bootcamp recording, now it’s your choice to read it or listen to it.

Especially parents who have their office in the morning, or people who need proper sleep in the night, they really need to buy this program.

Although you will be getting 100% Money Back Guarantee so I think you should definitely give it a try at least.

My Rating:

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Ready for peaceful sleep!

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