30 Things to Carry While Travelling with Baby on Flight/Train!

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30 Things to Carry While Travelling with Baby on Flight/Train! | Baby Travel Bag/Essentials | Best Baby Travel Products

Travelling with the baby is not less than an adventure!

Because you literally have to pack your home in a small suitcase. 

That’s not the only issue, the major problem comes when you have to deal with things to carry while travelling with a baby on a flight or train.

So, are you aware of, must-have items for travelling with a baby? What are the best baby travel products?


Then to figure out, the baby travel essentials you need to keep reading. 

30 Things to Carry While Travelling with Baby on Flight/Train

1. Baby Diapers

While going out, diapers are the first thing that pops up in every parent’s mind to prevent leakage, isn’t it? 

So, either you are planning a family vacation checklist or a weekend checklist, the diaper still holds the first position. 

Though, I would advise you to buy a diaper bag to store baby travel essentials. However, if not, you can maintain a separate bag for the same, this will enable you to reach the essentials on time or when needed. 

Also, depending on the duration of the trip, you can keep a diaper for an hour, so that you can use it effortlessly. 

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2. Use Disposable Bags

Changing diapers leads me to disposable bags, as throwing diapers or flushing it is not an option here. In that case, disposable bags are of great use. 

Either you are travelling with a baby on a plane or train, you should use these bags. Also, it is more hygienic than wrapping diaper, burped hankies, dirty clothes in paper or polythene. 

Moreover, this will also prevent the mixing of dirty or clean essentials. 

3. Changing Mats or Changing Station would be Hygienic

Germs and bacteria crawl everywhere that is not good for the baby’s health. Whether you believe it or not, having a changing mat or changing station could be handy while changing the baby’s diaper.

As you don’t have to lay your baby on a surface which is touched by varied people but changing mats or station allows you to prevent your baby from germs and bacteria while diaper changing.

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4. Baby Feeding Bottle

Carry Baby Feeding Bottle While Travelling with Baby on Flight or Train

Do you breastfeed the baby or you bottle feed your baby?

Well, if you breastfeed the baby, I would advise you to use the bottle to feed the baby while travelling. According to me, it is one of the best things to carry while travelling with a baby on a train or flight.

Because now you don’t have to undress yourself or sit in an uncomfortable position to feed your baby while everyone is around.

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5. Formula Milk

I know you are ready with bottles filled with expressed milk to feed your tot. But this stock could not be enough for your baby. Hence, formula milk would be useful as these will allow you to prepare the milk for your tot. 

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6. A Cozy Blanket

Though, in a flight, everything is available, likewise in train. However, in train still, there are chances that your baby comes in the contact with forceful air, which is not good for the baby’s health as your baby can catch a cold or fever.  

Hence, a blanket is one of the must-have items for travelling with a baby. To add, even if you are traveling with a baby on the plane, keep your baby cover, especially if the air conditioner is working.

7. Extra Clothes

Keep Extra Clothes when travelling with baby

Baby travel bag should always include some additional clothes as the baby dribbles or if your baby’s diaper leaks accidentally. In that case, the extra clothes that you have packed would be of great help. 

That leads me to the nightclothes of the baby. Night clothes mean something which keeps your baby comfortable, cozy, and easy to take off to clean the baby or to change the baby’s diaper at night. 

8. Soft and Cozy Hat

A fancy hat and a woolen hat, both would be of great help for your baby. 

For instance, while traveling on a train, these hats would protect the baby from the sun and wind. Well, in travelling with a baby on the plane, a woolen hat would be more useful, if the air conditioner is working. 

9. Baby Car Seat

If you are going out in a car, a car seat would be one of the best baby travel products as it holds your baby safely. In return, you can drive the car with all the focus without getting distracted.

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10. Baby Sling

If you are traveling by train or plane, the sling is one of the best baby travel products because this will allow free movement from the station and from one terminal to another. 

Though, I would advise you to go for the front baby sling as this is how you can keep better care of the baby. 

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11. Baby Stroller or Carrier

If you are not willing to use a sling and looking for something more safe and comfortable for the baby, then a baby stroller would be the best choice.

Apart from this, you can also use a baby carrier to hold your baby while finding your terminal or station. 

These would enable you to move here and there without any restrictions. But you should also check whether strollers are allowed on a flight or not.

Don’t forget to check the lightweight strollers that are easy to carry while travelling.

12. Better to keep a Nightlight or Torch

Does your journey have a long duration? Are you worried about how you will change the baby’s diaper late at night without disturbing others? 

Hey! Hold on mommies, you can simply pack a nightlight or torch in your baby travel bag. This will allow you to change the baby’s diaper, clean the baby while he vomits, etc without attracting everyone’s attention. 

13. Identification Proof

I know, some people won’t find this useful, however, having identification proof of you and your baby would be better than great. 

This also includes having proof of paternity. 

14. Don’t Forget Baby Wipes!

Baby wipes are not only useful for to baby, but you can also make use of these as these are a handful when it comes to cleaning your face, shoes, etc. 

So, baby wipes nourish and soften the baby’s skin. 

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15. Hey! Pack your Baby’s Favorite Toys

Keep baby toys while travelling

Baby’s get bored easily, unlike you. So, to keep your baby busy, you can pack some of your baby’s favorite toys, rattles, etc.

If not this, you can also take some books with you, to read for your baby. This is one of the essential things to carry while traveling with a baby in flight or train, especially for a long journey.

16. First Aid Kit

As a baby’s skin is delicate, it needs care. So, in order to keep your baby’s skin soft and supple, baby lotion, baby face cream, diaper rash cream, mosquito repellent, pain reliever, etc, might come handy in case your baby gets dry skin or if he gets hurt. 

Also, take some general-purpose medicines such as cold, alignment, colic, etc as well as pack your medicines too. 

This also includes a thermometer that will help you to check the baby’s temperature. Further, you can talk to the doctor concerning the same. To add, you can also keep a nasal aspirator, in case your baby has a stuffed nose. 

17. Sanitizer 

As I have mentioned, you need to protect your baby from germs, infections, etc. A sanitizer will enable you to clean your seat during your journey either through train or flight that is important especially during pandemics. 

Also, having a disinfecting gel will allow you to clean your and baby’s hand after changing the baby’s diaper or running to the washroom.

18. Take Pacifier or Teething Ring

Pacifier would be helpful to keep your baby busy during traveling with a baby on a train or plane. This would be helpful during the night when your baby is not hungry neither asleep.

It also lessens the possibility of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

On the other hand, a teething ring is perfect baby travel essential for the baby in the teething phase. As it helps in soothing the gums of the baby.

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19. Breastpumps to Express Milk

Though, you can store expressed milk in a bottle. However, if you don’t want to rely on formula milk, you can pack breast pumps to express milk for the baby. 

20. Baby Bib

Use baby bip to prevent changing of clothes

To prevent the mess while feeding your baby, you can simply use a baby bib. This will also lessen the use of clothes to clean the baby’s clothes or prevent changing of clothes. 

21. Formula Dispenser would be Helpful

A formula dispenser would be the perfect product for traveling to India with an infant as you can not express or feed the baby anywhere comfortably.

This is divided into varied sections contain the already measured dry formula. Moreover, you can also buy a formula dispenser that moves in a circular motion and has a covered hole which makes it easy to dispense the formula milk in a bottle.

22.  Time to Clean the Burp Mess

Burping the baby after feeding is tough. Also, sometimes babies vomit or dribble while burping, which creates a mess, especially, if you are traveling with a baby on a plane or train.

In that case, a burp cloth would rescue you. 

23. Time to Eat Snacks

Traveling with an infant means you are going to need a hell of a lot of snacks. Especially traveling to India with an infant because we have the yummiest plus healthy snacks, dishes, whatnot.

So, instead of buying snacks from outside, you can make some at home. Or you can carry baby biscuits.

Don’t forget to check the best-selling food blenders & easy food makers.

24. Mobile/Portable Feeding Seat

Carry baby feeding seats

Do your baby know how to sit unassisted?

If yes, then you can carry a mobile feeding seat with you, this will allow you to feed the baby while he is sitting comfortably. 

This is not a must-have thing while travelling but you can consider it only if are travelling in a business class or something.

These seats are also called high chair seats and booster seats.

25. Baby Food Jars

As I mentioned, to ensure that your baby or infant is having a healthy diet, you can make food or snacks for him at home and store these in baby food jars.

With that, don’t forget to pack some spoons to feed the baby or infant. 

26. Don’t Forget Dish Soap

As you have noticed, you are carrying baby jars, spoons, etc. there might be a tiny possibility that you have to refill your baby’s jars with something else, or what if you have to clean the jar or spoon? 

You can not pack a jar or spoon in your bag which is wrapped in oil, can you? 

In that case, the dish soap would enable you to wash the jars and spoon. 

27. Sunscreen for Babies

Sunscreen would be helpful to protect your baby from the sunlight. A baby’s skin is delicate and can easily get the effect of the sun. 

So, you can simply use sunscreen for babies to prevent it.

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28. Diaper Caddy

Diaper changing needs time, especially if you are out on a plane or train. But definitely, you can not leave your baby in a mess, so, in order to keep diaper essentials you can pick up a diaper caddy with you for traveling with a baby on a train or plane. 

Now, you don’t need to maintain a separate bag to store diapers, wipes, rash cream, etc because a diaper caddy has all the space you need.

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29. Baby Ear Muffs

Use Baby Ear Muffs in noisy area

Imagine, in your flight or train, your neighbor is so talkative. What would you do? 

Well, for you putting heads phones is an easy option, isn’t it, likewise, you can buy earmuffs for the baby which will keep your baby steer clear during a long drive, traveling through train or plane.

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30. Swim Suit

If your baby is at the right age to enjoy the water or to swim. Or if you are going on vacation and going to enjoy the swimming pool. Then you can consider a baby swimsuit as an important thing.

How to Dress a Baby for Travelling?

After reading all of it, you must be wondering, how to dress a baby for an airplane or train? What should your baby wear while going out? 

Here is what your baby should wear,

  • Dress up the baby depending on the climate, if it’s summer make him wear something lightweight, however, if its winter, don’t forget to make your tot wear a sweater. Though, ensure that whatever, your baby is wearing, his movements should not be restricted 
  • Make your baby wear dark clothes, this will hide the stains or make them less visible
  • Ensure that baby’s cloth allow you to change the diaper effortlessly
  • Traveling through a plane or train, a baby sometimes tends to feel cold, in that case, put on some socks. With that, buy socks that you can take off easily when needed 
  • Similarly, make your baby wear a hat
  • Ensure that whatever your baby is putting on, should be breathable 
  • A zip-up sweater would be perfect to warm up or cool down the baby

So, either you are traveling by train or plane, this is how you should dress a baby for airplane or train.

How to Pack Baby Clothes for Travel?

How to Pack Baby Clothes for Travel?

The best thing you can do to pack a baby’s clothes is that you should keep the important things above like diapers, wipes, rash creams, etc. This will allow you to reach the essentials things when needed.

With that, this would eliminate the need of finding the thing from bunch of the clothes.

Further, you can fold the baby’s clothes this will increase the space in the suitcase and allow you to store more things, clothes, etc.

Additionally, if your bag has a different compartment, say two, you can divide the same into one for diaper changing essentials and the other for clothes, skin essentials, etc. 

So, this is how you can pack baby’s clothes for travel.

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Let’s move to baby packing list for hospital.

Baby Packing List for Hospital

Well, for the hospital bag of the baby some of the things you need are,

  • Pack earlier prescriptions which the doctor have given you
  • Ensure that your baby is completely covered but not restricted
  • Make your baby wear breathable clothes
  • Along with this, ensure to keep a record of all the medication of the baby
  • Baby’s clothes should be easy to take off and put on, to allow the doctor to check the baby perfectly

However, if you are a new mom, or your delivery is near. Then you should know what things to carry in a hospital bag for delivery.


So, its time to go on a trip without worrying that you would forget something.

This baby travel essentials checklist will allow you to have all the fun in the world. Though, always keep an eye on your baby and keep him/her in a safe and hygienic environment as the baby easily catches viruses, infections, etc.

If you are with your kids, don’t forget to carry a mask during this tough time.

Happy Parenthood & Journey!

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