15 Tips When Travelling With a Newborn by Car!

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

How to travel with baby by car? | How soon after birth can baby travel by car? | When is it safe to travel with a newborn baby? | Traveling with a 2-week old baby by car

There you are, bonjour! 

Planning a trip with your baby? Or Going out with your newborn for the first time?

Hectic, isn’t it? 

Indeed, especially when no one is there, you guide me. 

Hold on! 

I have got your back!

I mean, I’m not traveling with a baby expert, but I certainly know how to travel with a baby by car?

Well, going out after pregnancy with your newborn definitely is giving you anxiety, especially mamma’s anxiety is on the seventh cloud. So, what’s your plan? How are you going to traveling with a 2-week old baby by car?

When I went out with my baby cousin, I remember how conscious I was while taking care of him. Though he was a year old yet, traveling with a baby is literally tough.

And I believe the fundamental reason is a congested place, as with a baby, you need free space where you can place everything and allow your baby to move his arms and legs. But, more importantly, maintaining the baby’s safety.

Though, I have come up with the most appropriate tips when traveling with a baby by car. 

How to Travel With Baby By Car?

1. Tag Your Partner Along

Tag Your Partner Along

As your baby is tiny, that’s why she needs one person to watch her all the time. 

Yeah! Your baby craves attention.

So, if you are traveling with your baby by car, ask your partner or trusted person to accompany you. It is not only essential for the baby’s safety but also because your baby needs a diaper change, wiping up, feeding, whatnot. 

Word of advice- A traveling partner, probable mommy, should sleep when the baby is sleeping so that when your baby is up, you can take care of the baby without being irritated.

2. Travel When Baby Sleep

Travel When Baby Sleep

I love traveling at night, and probably you don’t. However, it is the most appropriate time you should travel.

Night! Why? 

Because at this time, your baby would spend most of the time sleeping. Thus, she would need less diaper change, feeding, etc.

Moreover, if your baby is a day sleeper, you must travel during the day. Also, to create a sleepy environment, bring your baby’s blanket, teddy, pacifier, whatever makes her sleep.

Note- Traveling at night could be exhausted, so you can switch driving with your partner and take a rest when you are feeling exhausted. 

3. Often Breaks


Being adults, we can go hours without eating or using the restroom. However, unfortunately, your baby disagrees with you because they have to pee every hour. 

So, it’s kind of necessary to take a break, probably to stretch your muscles. 

Likewise, your baby needs more than just a congested space to play.

Hey! Hold on- You can create a checklist to keep everything with you while traveling to avoid stopping at every stop.

4. Everything Must Available in a Snap of Fingers

Your baby, crying in your ears for a diaper change while you are busy searching the diapers in the bag. And your whole stuff is lying in the car backseat, instead of resting in the car. 

It’s scary, isn’t it?

What should you do?

I say, prepare an individual bag to keep baby essentials at a place, for instance, a diaper bag.

Now you don’t have to unbuckle yourself to find things, but get what you need at the right place.

5. Safety Precautions

Safety Precautions
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Taking safety precautions is most important when traveling with the baby, especially if you are traveling with a 2-week old baby by car. 

Thus, be ready for every moment. For instance, we never know when your tire puncture. Therefore, keep a spare tire, jack, and tire iron with you.

6. Learn Some Extra Massage Technique 

Learn Some Extra Massage Technique

You can certainly understand how our bodies get stiff when we sit in the same position for a long time. All we need is a little massage. 

Though, here I’m not talking about you, but your teeny tiny baby who feels the same while sitting in that car seat. Thus, to allow your baby to feel relaxed, learn some massages to reduce stiffness, for instance, learn some leg massage, hand massage, etc.

Moreover, to know General Steps You Need to Follow to Install a Baby Car Seat? Click right here.

7. Omit the Scenic Path

Scenic overlooks make a road trip worthy, isn’t it?

Holding the hand of your partner and grazing the mountains.

However, unfortunately, you should omit it because it is not the answer to a road trip with a 1-month-old baby. 

WOW, why?

Well, it took me by surprise too, but it makes sense as these make it challenging for you to find help, restrooms, etc., when and as required.

Thus, choose the route which has a restroom at least every 2 hours.

NOTE- You can potentially choose the route which includes hotels nearby, to be extra sure.

8. Lullabies Should be on the Tip of Your Tongue 

Well, your baby will be all fussy, especially if you are planning an 8-hour car trip with a newborn. Thus, what could be better than preparing lullabies. 

I know, I know, you have a complete automatic car and have an MP3 player or radio in that. However, mamma’s personal voice can comfort baby than anything else. 

9. OrgaNIsE Your Car Like a Professional 

Yeah! Being organized matters the most because it can save your efforts and also makes the road trip with a 1-month-old baby or an 8-hour car trip with a newborn safe. 

Some tips I can give are,

  • Keep all the heavy bags in the trunk, including the crib or bassinet.
  • Your diaper bag should be easy to reach to prevent unbuckling yourself. 
  • Place diapers, wipes, etc. at the top in the diaper bag.

If you got any tips, let us know!

10. Keep the Food Ready

Keep the Food Ready

Like diapers or wipes, feeding is also essential while traveling with a 2-week old baby by car because your baby needs milk or formula milk to keep her stomach full. 

So, keep the food supply nearby. 

A word of advice- I would advise you to stick to breastmilk until the age of 6 months. However, you can also pack a breast pump

11. Entertain Your Baby

After a nap or good sleep, your baby is fully charged and ready to play. Though it could be a headache for you, but your baby wants what it wants. 

And that’s why you must be ready with your force. No, no, I’m not talking about being harsh, but by force, I mean all the toys that could entertain your baby.

12. Say NO To Heat

That’s the life savior tip if you are traveling during the day. But, as your baby’s skin is delicate, for god sake, instead of taking it lightly, use car window shades. 

Note- You can also use some baby sunscreen to prevent damage to the baby’s skin.

13. Get Your Baby Carrier Ready

On a road trip with a 1-month-old baby, you would probably need a baby carrier or crib when going to get something at a store or gas station because leaving the baby alone is not an option. 

Thus, a carrier will make things easy for you. 

Just hop out of the car, put your baby in a carrier, and there you go. Moreover, it will also be helpful when you reach your destination.

14. What Your Baby Will Wear?

What Your Baby Will Wear

Well, I don’t know about you, but your baby certainly does not need a sparkly dress. So, instead of making your baby a barbie, let her wear regular clothes because these would keep your baby comfortable. 

Also, your baby would be happy and alive throughout the trip. However, keep a blanket to cover your baby when using an air conditioner. 

15. Camera


As you are traveling with your newborn for the first time, you can get a chance to click on good pictures. So, get your camera ready to capture some memories. 

How Soon After Birth Can a Baby Travel by Car?

How Soon After Birth Can a Baby Travel by Car

Typically, when you should travel with the newborn depends on the type of delivery. 

So, if you have a normal delivery, not-too-strenuous travel one to two weeks is advised. On the contrary, if you have C-section, you can travel after 3-4 weeks.

NOTE – Consult with the doctor before traveling.

What is the Famous Two Hour Rule?

If you are not aware of the famous two-hour rule, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Until now, I wasn’t aware of the same too.

It’s simple, your baby should not sit on the car seat for over 2 hours, within a 24-hour duration. As it can affect the baby as,

  • Put strain on baby’s underdeveloped spine.
  • Limit the airflow to the baby’s lung.

Hence, to prevent this, follow the two-hour rule.


So, your newborn is all ready to go to Nani’s or Dadi’s house. However, be careful while traveling matters the most for your baby and you. Thus, I would advise you to consult with the doctor before traveling.

Moreover, try out the tips as mentioned earlier. I can bet your trip will be super comfortable. And, if you have some more suggestions concerning how to travel with the baby by car, comment below.

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