Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: 5 Baby Product Deals You Can’t-Miss

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale: Baby Product Offers:

Here comes the time of Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale that gives you the best deals ever. And I’m sure you do not want to miss these amazing discounts. The sale is live for the Prime members from October 16th and October 17th for Non-Prime members.

Being a parent, you promise comfort and protection to your baby, right?

So why to wait? Amazon’s Great Indian Festival Sale is giving you the opportunity to buy baby’s product at up to 50% OFF on baby care.

From those thousands of products, I have figured out some top 6 deals that you don’t want to miss.

Yes, 1 more is a bonus product for you in the end. So keep reading..!

Disclaimer: The price or discounts (if any) mentioned here might be different. It is advised to check exact offers or prices on the Amazon website by following the respective link.

Amazon Great Indian Sale: 5 TOP BABY PRODUCT Deals You Can’t Miss 

1. Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) Baby Wipes

Mother Sparsh 99% Pure Water (Unscented) baby wipes

Rating: 4.6/5

The reason I listed this in the first place is because of the current situation. People are so much aware of hygiene and proper cleanliness. It is better to choose something which actually cleans your baby with proper care.

You can clean the baby’s bottom, mouth, hand, use it in traveling, use it to clean even your makeup, and so many other wipes use.

So this wipe from Mother Sparsh is made with 99% pure water without any fragrance. So no need to worry about the toxic chemicals.

I highly recommend this product to all the moms and dad for their little one or for yourself during this tough time!

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2. TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier for kids 0 to 36 months old

TRUMOM (USA) 3 in1 Baby Carrier for kids 0 to 36 months old

Rating: 4.4/5

TRUMOM baby carrier offers you convenience and comfort to your baby while going out. As it protects the baby’s head, neck, and spine, along with this it has soft deep side impact with softly padded side wings. 

Hence, it is safe and comfortable. Sometimes, due to the wrong distribution of weight, you start feeling pain while using a baby carrier. But the good news is that TRUMOM carrier distributes the weight equally so that you won’t feel pain and enable you to hold the baby effortlessly.

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3. R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby

R for Rabbit Lollipop Lite Colorful Baby Stroller and Pram for Baby

Rating: 4.6/5

The baby stroller and Pram are very helpful when going out. As it is made to keep your baby safe and allow your tot to analyze his surrounding. It would be perfect if a stroller ensures a smooth ride to your baby, isn’t it?

R for Rabbit is a perfect choice, for a smooth ride as it has 6.5inch of wheels and suspension. With that, if you want something which does not need space then hey! Grap this stroller and pram as it is foldable and easy to carry.

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4. INFANTSO Baby Rocker & Bouncer (Blue) Foldable, Portable with Calming Vibrations & Musical Toy

INFANTSO Baby Rocker & Bouncer (Blue) Foldable, Portable with Calming Vibrations & Musical Toy

Rating: 4.4/5

INFANTSO comes with a great offer that is providing a rocker and bouncer which you can take anywhere in your home as it is portable. Apart from this, to soothe the baby it also has vibrations and has musical toys that will improve the hands and eye coordination of the baby, when he plays with these toys.

Also, you do not have to throw it, because you are going to use it for a long time as it is adjustable height. I think it’s a good choice to relax your baby and you do other work.

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5. LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids from 0 Months to 4 Years

LuvLap Sports Convertible Car Seat for Baby & Kids from 0 Months to 4 Years

Rating: 4.6/5

Luvlap Sports Convertible Car Seat for baby and kids is perfect and safe for your baby and kids. Most importantly, it is the European Safety Standards certified. Additionally, for baby safety, it has 5 harness safety points and 3 position height adjustment headrest.

Hence, it will support your baby’s neck and is safe and comfortable. Furthermore, it can hold the baby of 13kg and it has 3 reclining positions, 2 front-facing, and another rearward facing.

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Hug your baby at home not in cars. Use high quality durable baby car seat!

Bonus Product:

We are expecting a good offer on this product!

Supples Baby Diaper Pants, Monthly Mega-Box, Small

Supples Baby Diaper Pants, Monthly Mega-Box - Offers in Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale

Rating: 4.1/5

Supples diaper style pants are which are easy to pull and remove, unlike regular diapers. For comfort, it has a zig-zag channel top which absorbs more liquid and makes it breathable for the baby. Hence, your baby can wear this for 12 hours as it dissipates the liquid equivalently.

Further, it absorbs a large quantity of liquid, keeping your baby dry.  So, here you are getting the best and long-lasting baby diaper. It’s definitely going to be a good deal on Supples baby diaper. There is a lot more, and if I were at your place, I would grab all the deals. 

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I must say, Amazon Great Indian Sale is actually something, you should not miss. Come on, don’t you want to buy accessories for your baby that will keep your baby comfortable and safe. If I were in your shoes, I’m would not stop until I buy these amazing baby products.

Let me make myself very clear, as this amazing and exciting sale is not limited to baby care products like soaps, shampoos, cream, lotions, and more. But if you are looking for baby toys, then you can also buy Kids scooters, activity tables, playmats, and more. You can simply buy these by getting up to 60% OFF on baby activity & entertainment.

It is time to buy the stroller, baby sleeping bed, kids cycle, and more that you didn’t buy earlier because of its price. Because it is Amazon Great Indian Festival Sale!

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