What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India?

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Well! Would you eat instead of breastfeeding?

Probably, you can see the level of frustration this question holds, right?

And I can bet, like all the general activities of a day, grunting at your baby for breastfeeding is also a daily routine. 

A while ago, I saw my aunty giving those scary glares to my youngest cousin because he asked for breastfeeding.

scary glares to my youngest cousin

So, I thought, let’s inform everyone about what to apply to nipples to stop breastfeeding in India? 

If I have to be honest, I have seen my other aunty even applying red chili on her nipple to prevent my cousin from breastfeeding. 

And I mean, like seriously! Is that’s the last thing one could do to prevent breastfeeding?

Well, I believe, instead of torturing your baby by applying things like red chili, bitter grout, etc., you should focus on something good. And to be honest, your baby is not innocent, at least my cousin isn’t, because he got water cleaned the nipple and ta-da! Breastfeeding commenced again. 

In short, everything is in vain.

Never mind, I have come up with some real-time answers to your question, what to apply on nipples to stop breastfeeding in India? 

Apart from that, I will also tell you some ayurvedic medicine to stop breastfeeding and a shocking consequence of using neem oil to stop breastfeeding, which was life-threatening for a baby.

What to Apply on Nipples to Stop Breastfeeding in India?

1. Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe Vera Juice - Home remedies for stoping breastfeeding

Have you tasted aloe vera?

No! Never do that!

Speaking from personal experience, it is the worst thing you could ever taste. 

Yet, that’s my first answer to your question, what to apply on nipples to stop breastfeeding in India?

That’s because of its taste. 

Well, I have more reason to keep it in the number one position, which is it is safe and healthy not only for your skin but also if your baby swallows it. Plus, because of its taste, your baby would certainly never look back to breastfeeding. 

You just have to dab a little cotton in aloe vera and apply the same on your nipple. 

And your baby won’t breastfeed.

To be noted, it’s not a magical trick, so, probably, it will take time.

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2. Ginger

Ginger-how to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year baby

Remember that Yuk! Face when our mother made us drink ginger juice to cure our cough.

At that time, you would be like, I would never make my baby drink this evil drink. Well, sorry, but you have to.

Like aloe vera, dab cotton in the ginger juice and apply it on the areola, not on a nipple.

Its bitterness could make the devil run. Your baby would certainly stop breastfeeding. 

So, that’s how to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year baby.

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3. Lemon Juice 

Lemon-how to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year baby

We all know the taste of lemon. 

Ah! Lemon juice with ice sounds like heaven, isn’t it?

Probably, lemon seems to be a good idea to prevent your baby from breastfeeding. 

And I would say it is probably one of the most satisfactory answers to how to stop breastfeeding for a 2-year baby? 

However, due to the acidic nature of the lemon, I would recommend you consult the same with the doctor. 

So, just like every other thing, dip the cotton in the lemon juice and apply it to your nipple.

4. Neem Juice

Neem-how to stop breastfeeding for a 1-year baby

Searching for how to stop breastfeeding for a 1-year baby? 

Ah! That’s the scariest one!

I know it seems cruel, but I think it can probably work, yet, don’t go for the neem oil, but fresh neem leaves.

Take some leaves and make a paste, ta-da! So there you go with your repellent. 

Just apply it to your nipple and see the result. 

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5. Grind Medicine

Grind medicine-what to apply on nipples to stop breastfeeding in India

And it is a hell of a suggestion I got from my mother.

Trust me! When I heard it, I was like, WHAT!? DID YOU DID THAT TO US??

Hopefully not!

All you’ve got to do is grind some medicine (any medicine) and apply it to your nipple.

Note- Any medicine could be harmful to your baby. Better suggest it with your doctor before any experiment.

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How About Neem Oil to Stop Breastfeeding?

No! No! NO!!!

Neem oil to stop breastfeeding sounds like the perfect idea to prevent breastfeeding. However, it is not. 

Most of you must be thinking, why? 

I mean, it’s bitter. So what could make your baby not breastfeed, or what could be a perfect answer to what to apply on nipples to stop breastfeeding in India?

Though, that’s the worst decision a parent could ever take because, as per the Times of India, a baby named Dilip died after his exposure to neem oil to prevents breastfeeding.  

The reason behind his death was poisonous alkaloid and strychnine.

How About Using Vinegar to Stop BreastFeeding?

Using vinegar to stop breastfeeding isn’t recommended by the experts. Though using it a little bit is somewhat fine, however, don’t overuse it.

Note- Better to consider a doctor before using it.

Which is the Best Medicine to Stop a Baby From Breastfeeding?

To stop the baby from breastfeeding, you can use some drugs such as Cabergoline or Dostinex®, though it is better for the mothers who are not breastfeeding the baby for a long time. 

Before using medicine to stop breastfeeding in India, I would advise you to consult the same with the doctor. As a medicine could have a negative impact thus, it is better to take precautions.  

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Get your answers regarding home remedies to stop breastfeeding, ayurvedic medicine to stop breastfeeding, or what to apply to nipples to stop breastfeeding in India?

Yet, I would like to highlight that you should not try any of these without consulting the same with the doctor. Moreover, don’t expect results in just a day because your baby is so used to breastmilk. He is going to try harder to stick to that. 

All you have to do is to be patient and let it happen.

Also, we are open to more suggestions to prevent the baby from breastfeeding. Did you get any?

If yes, please hit the comment section. We can also advise you whether it is an appropriate way to stop breastfeeding or not.

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