What to do if Toddler Poops While Sleeping?

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What to do if Toddler Poops While Sleeping? | Reasons | Solutions

Toddlers are also known to be the bed messier, especially the one who poops after tucked into the bed.

Though, so far, you can start the potty training of your toddler by using the potty training seat. But it is going to take time, your kid is not going to learn everything in a day. 

But right now, the question is, what to do if your toddler poops while sleeping? 

What to do if Toddler Poops While Sleeping?

The first thing that you can do is to change the diaper quietly and instantly to avoid any skin related problem such as rashes. However, if your toddler is awake, you can talk through this out and make him understand to inform you whenever he needs to poop. 

Also, you gotta encourage your kid to use the bathroom as well as try to make your kid understand that night is the time to sleep. 

As at this stage, you can try to teach your kid some words to indicate the urge to poop. For that, you can go through how to teach a baby to talk? (0-3 Year Old Baby)

Furthermore, if your kid is half awake, keep the lights dim and don’t make a fuss out of it. As this will disturb the sleep of the kid. That again, makes it tough for you to put your kid to sleep. 

Moreover, if after changing the kid, he fusses again, in that case, it is possible that he is bluffing. Because it is impossible to poop again instantly right after doing it, though, it could be true if your kid is not well.

What are the Reasons for Toddler Pooping While Sleeping?

Here, I’m mentioning some of the criminals who could be the reason for your kid pooping while sleeping, 

  • Constipation
  • Dinner or bedtime snacks
  • Drinking water before bed
  • Eating too much
  • When your kid is not well

How to Prepare your Toddler for Potty Training?

How to Prepare your Toddler for Potty Training

Here, I’m mentioning some of the tips you can follow-

  • Enable your kid to inform if his diaper is wet or soiled
  • Allow your kid to use words like “poo,” “poop'”, and “potty” to express the use of toilet
  • Check the behavior of the kid, ask your kid whether he wants to poop, this will help your kid to desire to poop or pee
  • Use a potty training chair, earlier let your kid wear the clothes or diaper. Further, your baby can use it without wearing a diaper or bottoms

How to Encourage your Toddler to Use Toilet?

  • Don’t force your kid to use a potty training seat. Try to make it fun for him, you can also teach your kid how to use the potty training seat
  • This one is going to sound absurd but it could have a great impact, simply use words like “poop,” “potty,” etc when you have to go to the bathroom. This will enable your kid to follow you and indicate to you when he wants to go to the bathroom
  • Your kid is not Einstein, it’s not like he can not be, but you have to wait for a while for that. So here, you don’t directly have to jump to the potty training. Let’s with baby steps, in order to so do, start by teaching peeing in the bathroom
  • Explain to your kid the use of the toilet by explaining to him what you are doing. Also, ask your family members to do the same, this will teach your kids things like the right time to get into the bathroom clean hands, etc. Be the example for your kid
  • If you see any cues to go to the bathroom, ask your kid to use the toilet. Some cues are crossing legs, squatting, etc
  • If your kid understands things, you can make him understand why it is essential to use the bathroom, maybe you won’t get a proper response, but it is worth trying
  • If your kid is scared or nervous about using the toilet, you can sing a song with him to divert his mind
  • For your kid, everything is magic, why not bring some magic to his life in real by using some colors. You can simply, add some blue dye to the bowl of the toilet. So, when your kid pee or poop, this will be fun for him
  • Develop a routine, like after 45 minutes of drinking lots of liquids
  • Allow your kid to sit on the potty seat for 15-30 minutes after meals, this will induce natural bowel movement
  • If your kid poops in the diaper, empty the poop from the diaper in the toilet and teach your kid that poops goes into the toilet
  • Make your kid wear lose and easy to take off clothes, this will allow the kid or you to undress him easily
  • Use the same words to indicate bowel movement, to prevent confusion
  • Encourage, praise, and reward your kid to inform you or to use the toilet

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To conclude, your toddler is not going to learn to use the bathroom in a day. Hence, you need to be patient. Though, with time your kid will develop and alert you if he needs anything, let the developing phase pass.

Also, react and teach your kid to use bathroom, small things makes big differences.

I think now you are fully aware of what to do if a toddler poops while sleeping. You can even join our Facebook group BabyCart to ask your parenting or baby care related question.

Happy Parenthood!

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