When is the Young Child First Takes Interest in Toys?

Deepika Kaushik

Written by Deepika Kaushik

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

When is the Young Child First Takes Interest in Toys?

Around the age of 4 months, your baby would be interested in the toys because at this age your baby will probably learn to reach and grasp the toys. Further, as your baby reaches the age of 6-7 months your baby would be ready to use rattles and play with them. 

Later, around the age of 9 months, with the help of new pincer grasping skills, your baby will learn to pick up small blocks. 

Though, make sure not to force the baby to do anything because the motor development of the baby could vary. Yet, if you notice anything wrong, you should reach the doctor, instantly.

Additionally, when introducing your baby to the toys, you need to focus on some things these are, 

  • Baby’s toys should be made of chemical-free material 
  • It should be BPA-free
  • Toys should be smooth, not rough or sharp
  • The parts of the toys should be perfectly intact to prevent choking

Now you understood when should a young child first takes interest in toys?

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