When to Start Oil Massage for Newborn Baby?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Hey mommies! Wondering when to start oil massage for your newborn baby? Of course, we all are aware of how massage is beneficial for all of us. I’m sure you have heard of all your stories and naughty things that you used to do while enjoying the massage. Yes, you got my point, our grandmothers, we don’t remember those moments because of course, we were small but it feels like being loved and cared when we hear our stories. 

What days those were, now your mother might not be there to massage your baby, agree? Great newborn baby massage Indian style! Hang on, you are there, yes not much experienced but you can be perfect, just keep reading. I understand you want your baby to be nurtured and being loved, as who could love your baby more than you.

The major question is at which time you should massage a baby? I’m not going to take much of your time, according to the Infant Association of Infant Massage, your baby would give you signals, he looks calm, gazes at you, happy but still and has a relaxed posture. If I have to explain, then your baby should be in an alert state. In short, massaging the baby is a part of natural instinct.

Hey hey, you have to know some important things before massaging the baby, you know to actually make the massage perfect you should know everything from how often to massage your baby, which oil you should use when to start oil massage for a newborn and more. Don’t worry, I’m going to discuss all of it. 

How Frequently Should You Massage Your Baby?

Again, I would say follow the clues, you would not believe but according to the IAIM some baby’s love massage in the morning, some after a bath or some before bedtime. It might also be possible that your baby only opens himself for massage of the legs at a time or maybe before changing of the diapers. Therefore, it completely depends on the baby. 

However, I must say, making massage a part of your routine is good for the baby’s health. 

So, you get a pretty good idea, at which time to massage the baby and how frequently you should. However, the most important question is when to start oil massage for a newborn? 

When to Start Oil Massage for Newborn Baby?

You can introduce your baby with your touch right after the birth of the baby. For this, you can start with kangaroo care. What you have to do is to place your baby on your chest that promotes the physical contact between you and your newborn. 

After that, start massaging with of legs and back of the baby, then massage other body parts of your newborn. Slowly, by following the signals of the baby. To be more specific, start massaging your newborn after the few weeks from birth. There is no exact time but it would be better to consult the doctor first.

Benefits of Massaging the Newborn Baby

Baby Massage

Here we go with the benefits that your baby would receive from massaging. 

  • Eliminate the baby’s stomach issues
  • Enhance the development of the bones
  • Lessens the teeth pain
  • Allows baby to sleep peacefully
  • Calm the baby down
  • Strength the bond of your and baby

Before starting massaging your newborn, ensure to keep some things in the mind, 

Things to Consider Before Giving Your Newborn Massage

Let’s see,

1. Massage regularly

Ensure to make a routine to massage your baby so that he would be ready for the massage every day. If you want to know the perfect timing then, as I have mentioned earlier massage your baby when the baby is open to you, i.e., calm and quiet.

2. Massage Oil

You can massage your baby without oil, but oils make the massage more soothing and calming for the baby. Oil enables your hands to slide over the baby’s body smoothly. Are you wondering what oil to use for baby massage? So, if I have to name some then, it would be grape seed oil, coconut oil, corn oil, olive oil, apricot, avocado, and more. 

To massage the baby, use vegetable oil or fruits oil and oils that are free from synthetic essence. Above all, it consumes in the baby’s skin and does not harm the baby even if consumed. 

Moreover, avoid using the massage oils that contain mineral and also ignore the mix nut oils because it has a tendency to cause allergies.

3. Choose a Comfortable Place 

To massage, choose a place in your home that has a temperature of at least 75° Fahrenheit. As the warm place prevent your baby from cold because as you know baby is naked during massage. 

While for your convenience, you can use the changing table or bed to massage your baby. If you are massaging your baby on the bed, to ignore the smudges put the towel under the baby. 

During the massage, you can talk and sing for your baby, that makes the massage more interactive.

4. Gentle Pressure is Perfect

Instead of putting pressure on the baby, use the gentle pressure. Start massaging your baby away from the heart then, for instance, massage baby from shoulder to wrist. This calms the baby, it is an ideal massage for before nap or bedtime.

Further, massage towards the heart, that is from wrist to shoulder, is perfect, when the baby is involved and awake. While you can also try the mixture of both.

So far, you know massage has so much of a positive impact on the newborn, so at last, I want to discuss the how-to massage the baby. To give you a bit of information. 

How to Massage the Baby?

baby foot massage

Let’s have a look, 

1. Start with legs

Legs are perfect to start stroking your baby, as legs of the baby are less delicate than the other body parts. If you want to milk your baby’s legs, then take some oil and rub on your hands. Then gently squeeze the leg after wrapping your hands around the baby’s thigh, later simply pull your hands down. Likewise, repeat on the other leg. 

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2. Feet

Take your baby’s feet and rotate them in each direction periodically. Yes, keep it gentle else it can hurt the baby. Later, with the gentle pressure massage the baby’s foot from the top of the foot to the toes. Do the same with the other foot and it’s done. 

3. Soles

That’s easy, you just need to find the circle in the bottom of the feet by using your hands. 

4. Toes

Hold the baby’s toe with your thumb and forefinger. Further, delicately pull the toes till your finger slides. Repeat the same with all the baby’s toes and your feet massage is done. 

5. Arms

Simply perform the milking from the armpit of the baby to the wrist. After that, rotate the baby’s wrist several times, do the same with another arm. 

6. Fingers

Do the same you have done with the toes of the baby, clasp baby’s finger with your thumb and forefinger. Then, allow your finger to slide off and it’s done. Don’t forget to do it with all the fingers and thumb of the baby. 

7. Chest

Put your hands on the baby’s chest, if I have to make it clear then keep your hands in the prayer position. Deliberately, open your hands and start by massaging the baby’s chest with your flat palm moving outward. Of course, do the same several numbers of times. 

After that, put an open hand on top of the baby’s chest, the next step is to massage the baby from the chest to the thighs. I guess I do not have to say it again, to repeat it a number of times with alternate hand. 

8. Back

First, roll down your baby on his stomach, then find the little circle on both sides of the baby’s spine from his neck to his butts. Consequently, you can also massage your baby from his back to shoulder with your thumbs by using a circular motion on each side of the baby’s spine. 

Keep your baby calm and comfortable with the help of long massage, starting from the shoulder of the baby to the feet. 

9. Head

Certainly, head massage is an essential part of the massage but some babies are not a great fan of it.

If you are giving a head massage to your little one, consider these things, 

  • Do not use pressure or force to massage baby’s head, as baby’s fontanelle remains soft till he attains the age of 18 months
  • Simply pat the oil on the baby’s head and allow the head to consume the oil. While you can gently massage the baby’s head to disseminate the oil
  • If your baby can not hold his head independently, apply the oil on the baby’s head while he’s lying


To conclude, you should be careful while massaging your newborn baby. Along with this, if you would not be careful then you might end up hurting the baby. To learn more about how to massage the baby, you can also join the massage classes near you or watch some authentic YouTube videos. 

I know, I don’t have to say it, but still, nothing is wrong in learning things for the baby as it is for the baby’s good. You can give it a shot. Most importantly, only apply gentle pressure while massaging the baby. Now I believe you got the answer to the question “when to start oil massage for a newborn baby?”

Ready for the healthy development?

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