When to Stop Changing Diapers at Night?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Till when to stop changing diapers at night, is a tough question to answer. As there is no magical spell anyone can perform to stop it.

Also, mommy and daddy, you are not gonna get much of a certain answer concerning the same.

So, what you are going to do? How would you know, when to stop changing diapers at night?

Don’t worry parents, I have come up with the answer to the same question. All you gotta do, it to read!

When to Stop Changing Diapers at Night?

So, the right time to stop changing the baby’s diapers at night is when your baby stops pooping at night and will urinate less, that’s when you can stop.

When will this happen? 

Well, that could vary from baby to baby due to the different requirements of the baby. Hence, the frequency of your baby urinates and pooping would decide when you should stop changing the diapers at night.

To be noted, you don’t have to wake your baby up if you notice that your baby’s diaper is not so wet. However, don’t wait, if your baby poops or overly wet the diaper. 

Apart from this, you can also try to let your baby figure out the difference between day and night. Hence, this will logically enable your baby to poop in the day instead of at night. Though, it could be tough.

For that, you might need to set a routine. 

At last, a few feeding at night could be helpful too. Though, it is completely natural and will take place as the baby gets older. I strictly advise you not to starve the baby and feed him whenever required.

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At last, I would say, it is a natural process. That you, me, and anyone can not figure out. Though, all you can do is to watch out for the baby. But do not ignore the signs of constipation, sickness, gassy baby, and more.

You can even try potty seats when your baby is ready to sit.

And if you notice any of these, contact your doctor.

Happy Parenthood!

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