Why Babies Cry at Night Suddenly?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Why Babies Cry at Night Suddenly for No Reason? | How to Make Baby Stop Crying?

Waking up at night and soothing the baby….ahh hectic!

Till now, you have understood the two major reasons for the crying of your baby, right?

First, obviously, food, and second, it’s the time to change the diaper now.

Then, comes baby crying at night for no reason inconsolably. Yes, babies do cry at night without any reason. Generally, it is completely natural for the baby to cry in the middle of the sleep cycle because it could be tough for them to get on into one.

Here, you get the general reasons why babies cry at night suddenly?

To enable your baby to sleep, you can try out feeding the baby or putting the baby in a rocker. But this would result in making them depend on these actions. You can say, more like an addiction.

That’s why I thought you need to scour to get the actual answer of, why babies cry at night suddenly? This could take a while but then you know the reason for the crying of your baby because you would have known the cause.

Let’s not waste time and start with the reasons for crying out loud of the baby at night suddenly. 

Why Babies Cry at Night Suddenly?

Why Babies Cry at Night Suddenly

First, I know how concerned you are if your baby would not sleep at night or wake up frequently. Therefore, you have to be invariant in respecting the day naps of the baby and waive your baby sleep so that he can sleep for adequate hours in the night. 

I would not recommend you to run to the baby’s minor moans because crying amid sleep cycles is usually not required.

Above all, I’m sure you do not wish to distress the baby by hurrying to the baby every particular time. So, I hope you understand how essential it is to know about the reasons why babies cry at night suddenly? 

  1. If a baby crying uncontrollably suddenly that could be because he is physically uncomfortable. That might be the result of the too hot or cold temperature of the room and eating too much or less. 
  2. Changing of nappy or diaper could also be a reason why your baby is up at night.
  3. Stiffness due to lying in the same posture for a long time, for this you can roll on your baby or change the baby’s position to make him feel comfortable and relaxed. However, keep your baby on his back while sleeping for 1 year.
  4. If your baby has cracked and dry skin, she might wake up due to discomfort, itching, and inflammation. In that case, you can use baby lotion.
  5. Being tired or too tired could be the reason for the baby to wake up at night.
  6. Sometimes babies feel alone and lonely, that could result in a nightmare, this is disturbing for the baby and if the baby finds himself alone, it brings tears to his eyes. To calm the baby down, talk to your baby, and soothe him.
  7. If the baby is unable to breathe due to smoke or other issues, immediately contact the doctor.
  8. If your baby is crying while his eyes are close, then he might have undergone sleep terror.
  9. Sleep terror and nightmares are varied, but both can result in inducing sleep panic. 
  10. Teething, infections, illness, stomach ache, indigestion, and more are also the reasons for crying of the baby. As babies can not speak or talk, therefore to express their discomfort, they cry.
  11. Baby wakes up due to stomach issues like digestive abnormalities, colic, cramps, etc
  12. Blocked nose, that is worsened by the cold that can affect the baby like phlegm which is the cause of mucous congestion.
  13. Baby crying in sleep suddenly uncontrollably, because of fever, pain in ear or throat.
  14. Separation anxiety is the fear of being left by the parents, frightens the baby. To add, waking up at night and not finding the mom nearby could trigger fear and discomfort too. In this case, you can play peekaboo with the baby, this would be useful as it encourages the object persistently. So, if you go out for chores and the baby is with daddy, he can take care of the baby.
  15. Baby’s wake up due to noises, it might be you talking loudly or listening to music
  16. Though your baby has developed an eating pattern, she can still wake up at night because of hunger.
  17. Disturbance due to mosquitoes and other bugs
  18. If you just weaned the baby, remember to let your baby feed with extra food in the morning.  
  19. Do not instantly, lessen the intake of milk right after teaching your baby to eat solid food. Feed the baby with a similar quantity of milk and examine whether your baby is sleeping peacefully or not.
  20. If the room is too bright it also disturbs the baby’s sleep

At last, as every baby is distinct, therefore there is no obvious solution to put the baby to sleep. For your convenience, most of the common things like a blocked nose, fever are a matter of concern. However, these are curable by a doctor.

You have to examine your baby to understand the actual cause and cure to allow your baby to sleep peacefully. If none of the things works seek the doctor’s advice.

However, you do not have to visit the doctor unless you find your baby in pain, fever, or something abnormal. 

To make it easier for you, here I’m mentioning when you should call the doctor. 

  • When baby cry in discomfort 
  • Changing in the sleep habits of the baby
  • When baby face sleeping issues for various nights
  • Issues in feeding the baby, like bad latch, not getting sufficient breast milk, sleeping interference, and more
  • If the baby has stomach cramps, pain, constipation, and more

Further, you would have to wake up at night until the baby is 6 months, as a baby cry in sleep is suddenly very common, especially till your baby is 4-6 months old. To help yourself out, you can use the baby sleep miracle program to let your baby sleep. 

How to Keep the Baby Safe While Sleeping?

How to Keep the Baby Safe While Sleeping?

Here, only a baby crying at night for no reason is not only the reason for concern but you should also know how to keep your baby safe. I consider it essential so here I’m going to mention some of the things that you should keep in mind.

These are some tips recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, let’s have a look.

  • Put baby to sleep on the back until the age of 1 year
  • Ensure to put the baby to sleep on a firm surface like a completely fitted mattress. Avoid putting the cover, soft stuff, or bed sheets
  • Do not expose the baby to smoke, place with wires, tangled cords, etc
  • Buy a crib, bassinet, sleeper attached to parent’s bed, etc which has conformed to the safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)
  • Prevent using portable bed rails as it imposes the risk of entrapment and strangulation
  • To protect the baby from Sudden Infant Health Syndrome, you can use pacifiers when the baby is snoozing, which is proven to keep the baby safe from the SIDS
  • Allow your baby to sleep in your room this will allow you to keep an eye on the baby
  • Prevent overheating and head covering
  • Prevet using inconsistent commercial devices as it can be harmful to the baby
  • Avert using home cardiorespiratory monitors to lessen the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

How to Make the Baby Stop Crying?

How to Make the Baby Stop Crying?

Naturally, if your baby is crying inconsolably you would awake him, calm him down and talk to him, right?

But you gotta stop this? 

I know you find me insane but yes, you should stop and watch why the baby is randomly crying while sleeping?

Making noises is not the hint that your baby is having any trouble or wants to wake up. But it might be possible that he is just weeping momentarily in between the shifting from light to deep sleep. 

Therefore, you should not scramble to wake up your baby because the baby is randomly crying while sleeping. Of course, I know being a parent you are fearful. 

So, I am going to discuss how to make the baby stop crying while sleeping? As I have mentioned, there are numerous reasons why your baby crying uncontrollably at night. It might be time to change a diaper, to feed, cold, illness, and more. 

Pay attention to the sound of moaning. 

This whimper will soar shortly and here you get the clue to react. To be noted, awake the baby calmly and quietly. Change the diaper, feed the baby, do what the baby needs, however, do not use excessively bright lights or noises. Try to keep it dim and less noisy. 

Moreover, as the baby passes different stages of sleeping, it is tough to distinguish whether the baby is sleeping or not. That’s because the baby seems to be in a subconscious state while sleeping. In that case, you can rub the stomach or back of the baby or talk to the baby quietly. 

If you think your baby is crying because of a nightmare, do the same, talk to your little one or rub the baby’s back. Although, if your baby is still breastfeeding, you can nurse the baby to provide comfort. 

On the other hand, if your baby is older or a toddler then you need to reassure your baby that it was not true. 

You can also try out swaddling the baby, make soothing sounds and motions. You really need to be experimental to make your baby sleep. As all the babies are not the same but varied, you never know which method works on your baby. 

Still, what you have to do is to wait and examine, then do what needs to be done. By examining, you would be able to specify the sleeping pattern of the baby. Thus, the actual cause of the baby’s crying. 

Is your Baby Having Nightmares?

Why Babies Cry at Night Suddenly? 1

Well, nightmares or night terror are one of the reasons baby cries at night. However, there is not a certain age at which a nightmare began. 

Nightmares are more prevalent in older babies of 2-4 years but a baby of 18 months also develops nightmares, which is unusual. 

Usually, night terror takes place when the baby is in deep sleep. This disrupts the baby as a baby cries or screams in the night. To add, it would be much more disturbing for you. 

If your baby is awake due to a nightmare or night terror, wake up the baby soothe him, talk to the baby calmly, maintain skin to skin contact, and more. All these make your newborn feel secure and safe.

For your information, your little baby is not aware of this unrest and will not remember any of these in the morning.  Here, to calm your baby down, simply make sure your baby is safe. 

What are the Reasons for Baby Crying at the Same Time Every Day?

What are the Reasons for Baby Crying at the Same Time Every Day?

This is usually termed as witching hours, that takes place at the same time every day. It could be late afternoon, evening, and early nights that is between 5 pm to 11 am. 

But the good news is that this phase will be over. To give you an idea, it begins around 2 or 3 weeks of the baby’s age. And would be at the cliff in the 6 weeks but ultimately stop when the baby is 3 to 4 months old. 

Reasons why baby cries at night at the same time every day?

Putting the baby directly to sleep after feeding throughout the day, results in the witching hour. Other reasons are, not burping, mother’s diet, and more.

To prevent witching some things that you can try are preventing baby from overtireing, rock your baby, cluster feeding, etc are some of the things you can do.

What is the Relationship Between Colic and Crying?

What is the Relationship Between Colic and Crying?

I would like to start with, what colic is? Colic is a condition of the crying of a healthy baby for 3-4 hours a day or 3 or more days a week. That too for a minimum of 3 weeks. 

The symptoms of colic seem in the first 3-6 weeks from the birth of the baby. During this phase, your baby seems to never stop crying which results in distress and anxiety. However, for your relief, it is a temporary situation and would usually improve itself. 

Therefore, it is not a sign of a medical emergency, so don’t worry it can be cured. But do not forget to talk to your doctor.

Yes, if you find that your baby is having high fever or bloody stool and other symptoms then you should immediately call the doctor.  

Usually, your baby would cry at the same time every day. While you also find your little one more colicky in the evening as compared to the afternoon and morning.

It is quick, a minute your baby would be happy and giggling and the other he is upset. 

If you want me to include some of the symptoms then I would say kicking of legs or pulling the legs up, it would seem like your baby is attempting to relieve the gas pain. You may also notice that while crying the baby’s stomach appears to be swollen or firm. 

If you are wondering when this all will be over then don’t worry, it will cease or improve around the age of 3 or 4 months. 

Also Check: When Do Babies Stop Having Gas Pain?

If you are interested in the reasons for colic then some of the reason of the same are, 

  • Sensitivity to the food in the mother’s diet
  • Sensitivity to milk protein, that is rare
  • Might be the signal of medical issues like hernia or another type of illness 
  • Too much stimulation, sensitivity to light, etc also contribute to colic
  • Indigestion could be the cause of colic
  • Fear, frustration, or excitement also cause colic
  • It is also argued that the stomach is not mature and sensitive to some elements of the breast milk and formula milk

Therefore, if you find that your baby has colic then you should shortly seek the advice of the doctor. Occasionally, changing the mother’s diet or formula milk, soothing the baby by motion like rocking, holding, swaddling and even pacifiers can work.

You can also try this Mamaearth Easy Tummy Roll On for colic & gas relief with hing & fennel oil.

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Other than this you can lie baby in a dark and quiet room, swaddle the baby, rubbing the baby’s back by laying the baby across your lap, massage the baby, etc.

Also, check the Baby Sleep Miracle Review. This program is helpful to allow your baby to sleep peacefully.


To conclude, you now have pretty much idea what you have to do or why your baby is crying for no reason. As I said, unless you find your baby in some pain, illness, and more you do not have to freak out. 

However, keep an eye on your baby, that does not mean let your baby sleep on the bed with you but near you. That simply means use cribs to put your baby to sleep. As sleeping with the baby on the same bed can increase the chance of hurting the baby. 

I guess, now you can soothe or calm the baby while he cries at night. If you still have any doubt with the question, why babies cry at night? Please let me know in the comments below.

Happy Parenthood!

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