Why Do Toddlers Hate to Share Their Toys with a Particular Child?

Deepika Kaushik

Written by Deepika Kaushik

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Ubaid Khan, MBBS

Why Do Toddlers Hate to Share Their Toys with a Particular Child?

We often heard the quote, “sharing is caring.”

But this concept is a little challenging to understand by the toddlers because to share things they need to understand the feelings, needs, and wants. That, of course, your toddler is not capable to understand at this stage of life. 

Thus, being self-centered is the natural phase of the baby’s development and certainly, it does not reflect good or bad parenting. 

Yet, as your baby grows, you can teach them to share things, either it’s their favorite toys or food. For this, some things you can do are,

  • Read some stories for the toddler concerning the importance of sharing things
  • Share the things in front of the toddler
  • You can pass the toys back and forth
  • Play role play which should revolve around the sharing

Now you understand why do toddlers hate to share their toys with a particular child?

For further development of your toddler, you can try some of these,

Deepika Kaushik
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