Write Three Food Items That Can be Given to a Six-Month-Old Baby?

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

Write three food items that can be given to a six-month-old baby?

Some things you can give to your six-month-old baby are, 

  • Perfectly cookers rice or iron-enriched rice cereal
  • Veggies such as pumpkin, taro, sweet potato, potato, etc
  • Fruits such as ripe banana, cooked pears, etc
  • Legumes
  • Paste and bread, it could be toasted and rushed
  • Boned removed fish

Though, when giving food to the newbie, your baby probably would not accept the food all at once. 

As your baby has been drinking breastmilk or formula, now switching to solid food would be different for him because of the texture, smell, and taste. So, facing retaliation is normal.

In that case, you can offer solid food to your baby before offering him milk. Though make sure that you and tot should be calm and relax as well as look for the signs of hunger. 

To allow your baby to learn eating, having family dinner, social gatherings, etc are the best things.

Things to Keep in Mind When Introducing Solid Food to the Baby?

  • Your baby should sit straight and baby should have control over his head, neck, and shoulder
  • Look whether your baby is ready to eat or not
  • Don’t make your baby eat something he could be allergic to
  • The food of the baby should be smashed or pureed to prevent choking

Lastly, these were the food items that you can give to your 6 month old baby. To know more about feeding your newborn or baby, you can check out,

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