Zooboo Review – A Fun Customized Story Book for Babies/Kids

Kiran Verma

Written by Kiran Verma

As it is a well-said phrase, “never judge a book by its cover,” however, Zooboo comes with customized storybooks for babies/kids which creates an adorable contradiction with the mentioned phrase. 

We present Zooboo, a personalized storybook for your baby/kids.

Parents want everything to be memorable for their baby or kid, especially the first baby. Because he is loved by the parents and the whole family as it reminds them of their childhood. 


Be it peeing on the crib/bed, betting on whether he will say mamma or daddy first, running to hide behind dadi or daddu, eating your favourite sweet when no one is noticing, whatnot.

But you know what!?

The important thing in a baby’s or kid’s life is nani or dadi ki kahani (story) because at a growing age babies/kids are all about imagination. 

I still remember my dadi’s stories, stories of princesses or princess or stories of animals.

So, why not give wings to your kids’ imagination?

Are you wondering, how?

Ah! I have a perfect answer to this, buy Zooboo. 

I’m going to provide you my review of the book which I have received for your reference. So, keep reading.

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Can it Hurt My Baby/Kid’s Hands?

Zooboo - 11 Pages Thickness & Curved Side
Zooboo – 11 Pages Thickness & Curved Side

Well, when it comes to the baby’s or kid’s safety Zooboo is nothing like an ordinary book. 

You know why?

Well because it has thick pages which are laminated and has round edges. So, no paper cuts and no poking in the skin. All Zooboo promises is the safety and entertainment of the baby or kid.

What else do you want?

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Does Reading a Book Contribute to Baby/Kid’s Development?

Well, I believe in a theory, listening to something does not have as much an impact on your imagination as reading or viewing something. That’s why most people still prefer to read books instead of watching documentaries or movies. 

You can refer to it as an exercise to keep your imagination alive.

Similarly, babies or kids are bundles of imagination or creativity. And if you want to make the best out of your baby or kid, feed their imagination with clear, colorful, and a storybook filled with cute characters of the story. 

Thus, shimmer your baby/kids’ life with curiosity, imagination, visualization, and coordination.

Oky! Wait!

Did I just mention coordination as the benefit of a book?

You bet I did mention it.

But how can a book improve the coordination of the baby or kid?

Indeed, you just need to choose the right book like Zooboo. Like you choose the ideal mask for your kid during covid-19.

Okay okay, enough of the suspense, the storybooks prepared by the Zooboo have thick pages. That will allow your baby or kid to use his hands and senses to turn the page without your help.

Come on! If I would be at your place I can run for miles to get it. You just have to order it. (mention link)

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Does Zooboo Have Book Ranges For Specific Age of the Baby?

Zooboo - Age Ranges

Yes, Zooboo has books for,

  • 0-3 years baby (Read-aloud books)
  • 3-8 years (Early readers)

Let’s have a detailed discussion on the categories of books under the above-mentioned types,

1. Read-Aloud Books (0-3 years)

These books are designed for babies who can not read themselves. However, keeping the baby’s development in mind these books are perfect to enhance the thinking and curiosity of the baby while reading the books to the baby.

This book is ideal for baby’s or kid’s development just like a kids cycle which is perfect for your kids coodination, muscles, thinking, whatnot.

1. Which Color Do You Like? (0-3 years)

Though, your baby is not aware of all the sparkly colors present around him. But this book would be the finest choice to introduce your baby to the phenomenal colors.

2. Is That You? (1-3 years)

This book includes a heartwarming tale to show how much you love your munchkin.

3. What is Behind That Door? (1-3 years)

It comprises a narrative that shows excitement behind every door. 

Read a complete review of “What is behind that door?” later in this article that personally we have ordered.

Zooboo - what is behind that door - our review

2. Books For Early Readers (4-8 years)

Hey! Congrats, your kid can read now.

That means, he’s more imaginative and creative. Let his imagination fly far away.

1. Play Bo Peep (4-6 years)

Hey! Whose is hiding behind the tree?

Let’s find cute animal beasties who are hiding.

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2. Get Wings (5-8 years)

It’s an exciting story that will teach your kid to never be within limits. But to use their wings to fly high.

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3. Birthday (4-8 years)

Whose birthday today?

Is it your kids?

Well, then it should be special, isn’t it?

I can bet, a customized countdown storybook will make your kid’s day.

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How Can You Customize Books For Your Baby/Kid?

Personalizing the Zooboo book is not rocket science but it is simple as eating a pie.

Need a little help here?

Of course, why am I here if I can’t solve your query. 

First, visit the official website of Zooboo. (add link)

Sign in and choose the book accordingly.

Customize Zooboo

As you click on “ORDER NOW.” You will redirect to the next webpage, where you have to select the name and gender of the baby. Also, some books allow you to write a message too.

After this, review your book by clicking on the preview.


Here you get the personalized book for your baby/kid.

Note- You can customize the size of the book, however, bigger size will add more cost to it.

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Our Review on ‘What is Behind That Door?’

Zooboo story book overview
Zooboo story book overview

What is behind that door? is the book that we received for review. And surprisingly, it is nothing like an ordinary book which I imagined before I got it.

I’m serious, I thought it would be an ordinary book with an ordinary story but trust me it amazed me. 

Now, I’m wondering where was Zooboo for these many years? Why wasn’t I aware of such an amazing brand?

Well, if I would have known about it earlier, you don’t have to wait such a long time to hold this book in your hand.

I mean, it has perfect pages with a perfect thickness which allow the baby or kids to turn the pages just like a snap of fingers. And if I talk about safety, I would give Zooboo 200 points out of 100 because it is laminated and has round corners. 

That certainly indicates that the book has been made by keeping the baby’s or kid’s safety in mind.

Though I don’t have any kids, after getting this book, I have this thought to save it for the future.

Well, that’s insane!

But if I have to suggest to you a perfect birthday gift, a reading the book, and a book to enhance the baby’s or kid’s imagination or curiosity, Zooboo is the finest choice.

Size of the book?

Zooboo book - size of a palm
Zooboo book – size of a palm

Although we have ordered the 8×8″ book, this is equal to my palm size. But for a baby, this is a perfect choice!

Weight of the book?

Zooboo weight in grams

It is very easy to carry. The weight is just 317 grams.


  • Have thick pages which allow baby or kid to turn the baby effortlessly
  • Perfect size of the book which allows the baby/kid to hold it effortlessly.
  • The weight of the book is 317 grams that allow the baby/kid to take it anywhere.
  • Made while keeping the safety of the baby in mind as it has a round corner and is laminated.
  • It’s bright and attractive as it is colourful.
  • Laminated pages ensure the durability of the book plus if your baby drools it won’t harm the pages.


  • You can only customize the name and choose the gender. There should be more customization options in the characters or text at this price point.


A book that is safe, secure, durable, easy to hold, above all, customized is the quintessential gift for your baby. Because it is not just an ordinary book, but, it provides a personal touch of love and care of the parents to their baby/kid.

Give your baby/kid something worth remembering. 

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